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Help For Your Marriage

God Meant Marriage to Be Great

My wife, Jane, and I have been married forty-nine years as of this coming Christmas. We were married on Christmas Eve in 1955. We have spent our ministry lives trying to help people. Especially, we have tried to help people have a better marriage. We think we can help you too.

There aren’t many storybook marriages: boy meets girl, they have a whirlwind courtship. They get married and live happily ever after. Usually that is just for stories and the movies On the other hand. God meant marriages to be happy, to be great marriages.
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The Cross And The Electric Chair

Welcome to FOOTFALLS ON THE CROSS WALK, articles of thoughts on the cross of Christ in the everyday life of the believer.

I’m Ken Pierpont, the Baptist pastor in Jonesville, Michigan.


“Anyone who is hung on a tree is under God’s curse” (Deuteronomy 21:23b). The enemies of Christ tried to rid the earth of him by hanging Him upon a cross. The execution of a person by crucifixion was the Roman government’s means of exercising capital punishment. Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor over Israel in Jesus’ day, though under pressure from his wife to spare Christ, nevertheless finally gave sentence to put Him to death. The ignorant mob, manipulated into a frenzy by self-serving Jewish leaders, cried for crucifixion. Pilate acquiesced and the innocent Lord Jesus was led away to be prepared for execution.
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If I Should Die Before I Wake

The little boy was only five years old. His parents were trying to keep body and soul together during the Great Depression. They lived in a humble little cottage in a small Ohio industrial town. The little boy had a younger brother and a baby sister. His father worked nights at a nearby industrial plant. There were many lonely hours for the family as they awaited their husband and dad’s return from work late each night.
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The Daily Walk With Christ’s Cross

Welcome to Footfalls On the Cross Walk, articles of thoughts on the Cross of Christ in the everyday life of the Believer.


A few years ago, God impressed upon me the necessity of getting regular exercise. About the same time, I realized my Christian life was suffering from a dearth of prayer. One morning I decided to begin walking daily. I thought, “I’ll walk and when I finish I’ll go into my church auditorium and have a time of prayer with the Lord.”
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What Do I Need With Church?

A homeless man found his way to the door of a large downtown church in a certain major city. It was Sunday morning, biting cold gripped his poorly clad body. He wrapped his aging threadbare jacket about him and waited on tile curbing for the end of the service when the parishioners would emerge and help him, or so he thought. When the worshipers emerged, the service ended, they moved down the steps from the beautiful auditorium. Now was his chance. He approached the nearest worshiper and was going to offer his services at the man’s home in exchange for a warm meal. The man quickly turned aside and hurried away. To his right and to his left the well-dressed parishioners glance his way and moved quickly on or tried to pretend they did not see him. Finally, the man stood alone and glanced up just in time to see the minister disappear into the foyer. He heard the door being firmly locked.
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Under God

Tuesday November 2, 2004 was an historic day in our country. I would be remiss in my responsibility as a pastor to allow this moment to pass without calling attention to it and without thanking God in prayer.
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