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When our armed forces were ordered to invade the nation of Iraq we were told it was for the purpose of ridding that country of its ”weapons of mass destruction.” Never mind that our weapons inspectors who had free reign at the time to search in the whole country, even being invited to search Saddam Hussein’s personal palaces, could not fmd even one such weapon! But, as Mr. Bush said, “It’s time for a regime change in Iraq.” He had made up his mind to overthrow the government of Iraq before the weapons inspectors had time to fmish their work. They were ordered out of the country! We went to war.


Are we involved in “a just war” in Iraq?

Consider this important fact, please. Never before in the history of our country have we ever attacked a sovereign nation for the purpose of overthrowing its government when we were unprovoked, never!

Is our nation, or any other nation entitled to simply drive its tanks into a country’s capital and declare its government overthrown? That’s what Saddam did in Kuwait! As a result, a coalition of nations- a major part of the free world, joined together to expel him and his military from this tiny but oil-rich nation. What entitled the USA to do what Saddam Hussein did? According to President Bush, he was exercising “a preemptive strike.” Unwittingly, by the use of that very term, our president admitted that we were going into Iraq unprovoked! Sad!

Throughout the history of the Christian church, most groups within Christendom have pretty well agreed that there is such a thing as “a just war.” When a strong man orders his troops into a peaceful nation, begins a reign of brutality there, threatens the very future of that nation, at that point, many Christian leaders would feel that there was
justification for war by that nation and even its allies, if the nation attacked so desires.

If it be argued that such justification had already been supplied by the brutality Hussein had demonstrated against his own people the Kurds, this is contradicted by the fact that the Kurds are his own people. They are a part of his nation. What even evil men do in their own nations is not in and of itself proper justification to go to war with them as an outsider looking on.

Furthermore, it is interesting to note that at the very time we were fmalizing our plans to attack Iraq, North Korea solemnly announced that it had produced a nuclear weapon (a weapon of mass destruction.) What did the Bush administration do? We announced that this was a matter for North Korea’s neighbors to address
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