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Rev. Kenneth F. Pierpont

A word of explanation and apology: This very imperfect attempt at capturing some of the background and highlights of the history of our dear church will leave some who venture to read it disappointed that certain persons and events were omitted. This was not a matter of design on my part but rather a combination of ignorance and need for brevity. Please take heed and indulge me with your forgiveness and understanding. Thank you.

September 2005

In the fall of the year in 1955, Rev. Orris Porter with Mr. Bruce Bennett and certain other believers came to town to “start a gospel testimony in Jonesville.” A building was bought at 201 Water Street. This brick structure was used as a parsonage as well as a meeting place. Souls were saved immediately. Later, a block building was erected in the rear of the parsonage to be used as a sanctuary.

In 1956 another building was purchased at 214 North Street and was used as a parsonage. These building were purchased by way of land contract and promissory notes and the group valiantly worked to pay them off.

Rev. Porter continued on with the work until June of 1958 at which time he resigned. A new pastor was called and on the first Sunday of July Rev. Kenyon Wirick took office. Later that fall the interior of the concrete building was redecorated. Up to this point the church was called “Grace Baptist Church.” On December 7, 1958 the congregation voted to change the name to “Jonesville Baptist Church.” Seventeen members were present for the vote.

A charter was formally organized and presented for the signatures of the membership. On September 21, 1958 a constitution was presented and adopted and the charter was closed. The following names are listed in the Church Minutes as signers of the charter: Lew Webster, Edith Small, Earl Mallery, Marie Mallery, Betty Gibbs, Stanley Gibbs, Bruce Bennett, Betty Bennett, Dorothy Price, Bert Porter, Mabel Bisel, Mrs. Bill Coburn and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Morrison, fifteen names in all.

Work progressed on the newer building which needed to be readied for use. On the first Sunday in July in 1960 the first services were held in this building. This was exactly two years into Pastor Wirick’s tenure.
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Psalm 69:1-3, NIV: SAVE ME, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck. I sink in the miry depths, where there is no foothold. I have come into the deep waters; the floods engulf me. I am worn out calling for help; my throat is parched. My eyes fail…”

This week was the week for “America’s Tsunami,” as I call the terrible Hurricane Katrina that ripped ashore off the Gulf Coast and destroyed what we know as civilization in New Orleans, Biloxi, Mississippi, parts of Alabama and, heartbreakingly, so many other American communities in the affected area.
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God presents all of us in this world with a choice to believe Him, to accept Him and to obey Him in this life. When we act toward God, we win! God calls such people “… the righteous.” What a title–totally undeserved but God’s grace has been extended in behalf of God’s Son to us and now we are His children.
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