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Record Attendance

Released Time Classes

In Febraury 7 children trusted Christ as there Savior.

This Month, (March) we praise the Lord for the great turn out at the Released Time Classes with Paul Spotts of Rural Bible Mission Ministries.We met our goal with 285. That was 10 above the goal set for us this year…. All the children who attend in April will receive a candy bar as a reward.


Wednesday, National Public Radio announced that an Afghan man is in grave danger of being executed by the government of Afghanistan for “converting to Christianity.”

The report specified that it is a crime in Afghanistan to convert from Islam and that our government had “not as yet condemned the action” but that several foreign governments, including Germany were reevaluating aid to Afghanistan in protest.
This is the country we “liberated” from the Muslim extremists, the Taliban!


ABC Television newscasters breathlessly announced today, March 15, 2006, that recent reports spoke of an aircraft spotting large timbers, the remains of a ship apparently, in Turkey on Mt. Ararat. “If this is true, it would prove the biblical claim that ‘Noah steered his ship’ to Mt. Ararat during the biblical flood.”

One could hardly call this “news.” In 1915 a Russian aviator flew over the spot and reported seeing what looked like a ship in the ice. In 1955 Frenchman Fernand Navarra examined the site and took pictures of timbers there, far above the tree line. Recently, Tim LaHaye and other Christians have explored the area and have written of it.

ABC reported the object there was “roughly the size of an aircraft carrier.” No, the Ark was much smaller and was not a ship to be steered, as they reported, but a barge of safety. All people in the world today are descendents of those eight God brought safely through this flood of His judgment.

If we paid as much attention to God’s Word as we do to the “news,” the truth, when discovered, would not seem so surprising!