Archives for April 2006



This week the news media identified the number of our soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors “wounded” by fighting in Iraq as about 17,300 to date. This is in addition to the nearly 3,000 killed!

A modern Army infantry division, at full strength has about 18,000 men. The casualties in total, then, number more than a complete infantry division. All this to bring “freedom” to Iraq so tenuous as to make necessary the protection of Iraq’s new leaders in a fortress (“The Green Zone”) twenty-four seven!


During this Easter season there has been an assault upon the claims of Christ, the finality of Scripture, even the words of Christ our Savior (Radio, Television and U.S. News and World Report), By dredging up the words of Judas from a well-know second-century false “gospel” news persons proclaimed this “new document” to the high heaven, making Judas Iscariot a hero (?)!


National Public Radio (NPR) was interviewing the minister of a liberal New York church this week about “What are you giving up for Lent?”

Various callers spoke with him about giving up “chocolate, wine, snapping at the family,” etc.

The interview and caller responses went on for half an hour. “Giving up for Lent” was likened by some to “Ramadan, another high and holy time” [Ramadan is a Muslim observance of self-denial for the good of the soul.] Not once in the entire time did I hear the name of Christ invoked.


Early this week Michigan authorities released information on snowmobile accidents during this past winter. They were applauding the fact that “only 23 people were killed this winter on snowmobiles. Whereas 26 people were killed the previous winter.” The difference they attributed to “more awareness of the need not to drink and drive.” Nobody seemed to notice that we had only half the snow this winter that fell last winter.


Most of you probably received a “Resident to a Friend” letter from “St. Matthews’s Churches” in Tulsa, Oklahoma this week. It instructs the recipient to get down on the enclosed “Prayer Rug” and ask God for some really big things: joy, peace, money, a car, a house, etc. Of course there is a line on the letter you are to return to indicate and enclose your “seed gift to God’s work.” The Apostle Paul said the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh” (II Co 10:14, NASB)! One could hardly find a more shameless appeal to the flesh than this scam.