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How ironic that his middle name was “Riddle.” I refer to James Hoffa, long-time labor boss in America, no stranger to jail and shady politics or other convicted felons. He disappeared over thirty-one years ago.

Because a convict thinks he knows where Jimmy’s remains are, a small army of FBI agents, archaeologists and anthropologists are hard at work spending your tax dollars digging up the yards and fields of a farm frequented in the past with mob cronies, “friends” of Hoffa.

Nobody is saying what they intend to do with the body if it is found nor how such an exercise will better our terribly debt-ridden nation. The only thing I am sure of at this point is that, body or no body, Jimmy must go to God’s judgment, the same as the rest of us.



Psalm 119:89 says: “Forever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven.” (NASB)
II Timothy 3:16 says: “All Scripture is inspired by God…” (NASB)

At the beginning of this twenty-first century the cock-sure ignorance of modern man has touched the subject of the content of Scripture in a number of ways with the result that now the formerly settled identity of Scripture is itself under fire.

Always, in my ministry, we have made Bibles available to boys and girls as a reward for reciting the names of the Bible books in order from Genesis to Revelation. Forty-five years ago, at the beginning of my ministry, I never dreamed that anyone would ever question whether or not these books themselves would come under question as belonging in the Bible and that to the exclusion of all others.

Alas, now a movement seems to be under way to subvert the confidence of Christian people as to what is truly the full Bible and what is not.

This subject necessarily involves a concept about which the Christian public seldom hears discussion or even gives attention. I refer to the word “canon.”

The word is “canon”, not “cannon” which would be the word if we were discussing an army field gun. Every Christian, in our day, needs to know the truth about the canon of Scripture, spelled c-a-n-o-n.
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National Public Radio (NPR) just Wednesday discussed with “a science expert” that there is a problem regarding the age of the earth and the evidence of man on the earth.

It seems that “though the earth is five billion years old, the evidence for life is only about three and a half billion years.” So, “as science pursues the answer to the question “How did the earth originate’, there is a contradiction.”

There sure is. First of all, there is no “scientific evidence” that the earth is five billion years old nor that man has been on the earth a million or more years.

Geologists have established a table of “geologic ages.” Fossils found in the various strata that supposedly represent these ages are then used to date the rocks. Then, going elsewhere, similar strata are assigned age based on their fossil content. No one, apparently, realizes this circular reasoning by which to “prove” great age.
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This week a jury of twelve in Toledo, Ohio convicted an elderly Catholic priest, Gerald Robinson, of murdering a nun with whom he worked some twenty-six years ago.

To the end Father Robinson maintained his innocence but did not take the witness stand in his own defense. A letter opener in his desk drawer was proven to be the murder weapon.

One Roman catholic person cried out at the verdict, “How could he minister in the church all these years with murder on his conscience?”

This is an important point. All Catholic priests are entitled to “celebrate Mass.” This means, according to Romish doctrine, that they perform the miracle of turning the bread and wine of the sacrament of Communion “into the body and blood of Christ” (literally). Would Christ sanction a murderer’s performance of such a miracle?

More erroneous bologna from the moral bankruptcy that passes for true Christianity!



Dr. Ralph Colas of our own American Council of Christian Churches reported that the Simi Valley United Church of Christ in California has featured an atheist as a Sunday School teacher!

The purpose for the visiting atheist teacher was to “fulfill our goal of respecting and learning from traditions which differ from our own.”

The United Church of Christ has been a member of the National Council of Churches since it was organized in 1950.