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More “peacekeeping” in Lebanon? I don’t think so!

This past week our State Department with counterparts from European nations have been busy “assembling a 15,000 man peacekeeping force” to separate the Hezbollah terrorists in southern Lebanon from the Israelis who struck across the border in a month-long war to try to retrieve two captured, wounded soldiers. The soldiers were taken after a surprise raid by Hezbollah into northern Israel that killed eight of the captured soldiers’ comrades.

Here is the box-score on dealing with Hezbollah:

1983: 241 U.S. Marines died in their sleep when a suicide bomber wiped out their barracks.
1984: CIA station chief in Beirut, Wm. F. Buckley was captured and tortured to death.
1985: Navy Seal, Robert Stethem was tortured, shot, and thrown off hijacked TWA
Flight 847.
1988: Marine Lt. Col. Wm. Higgins was kidnapped, tortured for weeks, and died of a heart attack. Then Hezbollah hanged his body and released pictures to the world. (He was commander of the U.N. “Peacekeeping” team at the time.)
1996: 19 U.S. servicemen were murdered in Saudi Arabia.

Notice to all cosmetic Christians: “We’re next!



Have you been following the events of the warfare between the Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon and Israel? It seems now that Israel has stopped the fighting the U.N. will step in and “send peacekeepers to disarm the terrorists, a feat Israel found impossible.

The nations that have pledged to send troops to maintain a bumper zone between the combatants are Muslim nations which do not have diplomatic ties to Israel.

Israeli leaders commented this way: “Nations that do not recognize Israel’s right to exist could not possibly be neutral in their service.”

Meanwhile, the two soldiers kidnapped by the Hezbollah, the cause of hostilities, remain in Hezbollah hands. Israel suffered over 100 dead to gain their release. Alas, no release!



Major General John Batist, former commander of the Army’s 1st Infantry Division, was interviewed yesterday on NPR.

General Batist refused a promotion in Iraq so he could retire and speak out about the war there.

He is appalled by the “needless loss of life” among our troops by the manner in which we are fighting this war.

When asked if Iraq is presently in civil war, he replied that it hardly mattered but that conditions are so bad that without a change of leadership at the top (Secretary of Defense) we will continue to fail in Iraq.

Of the seven servicemen and women we have been praying for, one has been wounded in combat. Don’t let up on your prayers now!



An American commander (Army, Lt. Col.) is under investigation because he is accused of ruthlessly advocating the killing of “the enemy” in Iraq. He has, it is said, repeatedly warned his men to be wary of “young Iraqi men of military age.” It is not yet certain that he will face charges.

Meanwhile, last week, huge demonstrations in Iraq took place to support the Hezbollah terrorists who slew and kidnapped Israeli soldiers near the border of Lebanon. The demonstrations where approved by the new Iraqi government in Baghdad!

We have now suffered more than 22,000 casualties this war for “freedom in Iraq.” More than 2,500 of our fine young people have come home in caskets. Over half of the more than 20,000 wounded have permanent disabilities.

Our two top generals this past week said we are on the verge of civil war in Iraq. They report conditions are worsening, especially in Baghdad, a city seven times the size of Detroit.

Are you confused as to what we are doing and accomplishing in Iraq? I am!