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Recently, Pope Benedict XVI of the Roman catholic Church was delivering a theological lecture when he mentioned a medieval figure who had noted that Islam was founded on and led in violence by its founder Muhammad.

It took only a few days for news reports of the pontiff’s words to reach the Muslim world. It was as if, with one voice, the Muslim world said, “How dare those infidels to besmirch our leader and our religious character in implying we are a religion of violence.”

In numerous Islamic nations masses took to the streets, smashing windows, overturning cars, pelting foreign embassies with stones and more. Demonstrations went on night and day. The pope was burned in effigy. A Catholic nun was slain in one such country. Calls for the pop’s resignation and his death went out.

In spite of Benedict’s apologies, there is still upset. How could he have been so “mistaken?”



A church in California has been attacked by IRS and is threatened with loss of its tax-exempt status. It seems the pastor made a few derogative remarks about George Bush. The church is outspokenly liberal in its theological views. Several conservative churches have come to the defense of this far-left leaning church.

Churches are not tax-exempt because they are non-profit organizations. They are tax exempt because they are a sovereign entity. For example, Gov. Granholm can feel free to criticize Gov. Taft of Ohio. That is because Michigan is a sovereign body. This is as it should be.

Many “political issues” are, in fact, moral and spiritual issues. That is where we come in. Are we prohibited from speaking as a church? If the church in California loses, who’s next on the government’s list?



FLAME (“Facts and Logic About the Middle East”) is a group devoted to truth about Israel in the world. A recent article it sponsored in the U.S. News and World Report contained a number of items important for the Bible believer.

Jerusalem was never regarded as “a holy city”: by Islam until modern times, especially after the Six-Day War Israel gained over the Arabs.

When Jerusalem was in Moslem hands during Mohammed’s lifetime a mosque, The Dome of the Rock was ordered built. Israel today allows Moslem control in and around the mosque in our day.

Jerusalem, is most definitely not a “Moslem holy city”. It is never mentioned in the Koran. The Scriptures, on the other hand, speak of Jerusalem no less than 1,030 times!



Just a week ago the famous Australian nature expert, Steve Irwin, was tragically killed. His death came as he was being filmed for a new movie.

The Australian government offered his family a state funeral in honor of his many achievements. Though wealthy, much of his resources were given widely in the cause of conservation. His death will be a severe blow worldwide to these endeavors.

Known as the “crocodile hunter”, Steve was often filmed, sometimes with his tiny child tucked under his arm, sneaking up on a huge crocodile. Often they snapped their deadly jaws within inches of his face and hands in a kind of dance of death.

Oddly enough, not the crocodile, but the usually non-aggressive stingray, took his life..

As he was being filmed a nearby stingray whipped its deadly spine-like tail deep into his chest and into his heart.

How like sin is this tragic illustration. In speaking of drunkenness but applicable to every sin, the writer of Proverbs says: “At last it biteth like a serpent and stingeth like an adder.” How many today play with sin and finally succumb to its vicious retaliation.


Last September, Megan Chapman, a senior at Russell County High School in Kentucky was elected chaplain. A tradition there has been to have the chaplain deliver a prayer at graduation.

Two days before the Friday graduation the ACLU filed suit to stop the prayer and a federal judge issued an order, naming Megan, to bar the high school from prayer.

With 3,000 people packed into the gymnasium the night of graduation the ceremonies began but were quickly interrupted by the 196 seniors who broke into the Lord’s Prayer! Inspired by their example, including that of her twin sister Mandy, the class president, Mandy walked to the speaker’s stand and delivered a beautiful speech about her faith in Jesus Christ.

The next morning, Fox News arranged to have her give her story nationally. Liberty University promptly interviewed her and president Jerry Falwell issued a four year scholarship to both girls to attend there. Can the fabled ACLU be beaten? Yep, sure looks like it!