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I’m Back….


I’m back. has been “off the air” for quite a few weeks now. I have been moving my family to our new ministry in Portersville, Ohio, a tiny community in south central Ohio, just forty miles from where I grew up.

Our church here is a small country ministry that was founded in l864. It has always been small with only a couple dozen believers gathering around 20 or so at a time to worship the Lord and to be a testimony to Him.

The people in the church, and one man in particular have worked hard to convert the old parsonage from the fellowship hall it has been for more than thirty years back to a residence for the pastor. We are moved in now and grateful to be able to get started in ministry.

Our two youngest sons, Kevin and Nathan with a lot of help from their families helped us move the larger things on October 1st. Just Monday we moved in the last of our belongings from their storage place in Newark, where I grew up. My brother, Bill, loaned us his garage and numerous things we brought from Michigan some weeks ago were there.

We are about seventy miles southeast of Columbus. If we can help any of you out there, be sure to contact us and we’ll do all we can to help you.

We are glad to be back in circulation. Pray for us and contact us at, send email or phone us at 740-342-5378. Our address is:
Ken and Jane Pierpont
15622 Portie-Flamingo Road SE
Corning, OH 43730.

In Christ,

Ken Pierpont