Welcome to my website and thanks for visiting. I’m Kenneth F. Pierpont.

Christ reached me with salvation from sin in 1954 after I entered active duty in the Navy. I was sent to Glenview Naval Air Station in July of that year. There I met a young sailor who was just finishing his four-year enlistment in the Navy.

One day during that summer I entered the barracks where we all “bunked out” at night. I noted on one of the single “racks” [Navy term for bunk bed] where the higher rated petty officers had their place, a Bible lying there.  I was instantly disgusted: “Who would be so unthinking as to have a holy book in such a godless place.

Little did I know that this sailor was a Christian, trying to live for the Lord. I had grown up in a church that did not really teach the Bible and had merely a formal stiff worship. I had gone to the church, had taken training in the catechism, had sung in the choir, but any personal relationship with God was a totally unknown concept
to me.

I met Ed Moore, the sailor with the Bible.  He was a great guy and quietly began living Christ and teaching me about Him and the Christian life.

After he left the Navy in October of that year, I had to go home for emergency leave at the death of my grandmother who had lived with us and had been my second mother for many years. While home the Lord brought across my path Billy Graham’s book Peace With God. This was the first piece of Christian literature I had ever seen that spoke of Christ as a “personal Savior.”

I don’t know at what point I truly came to faith in Christ but I distinctively remember standing at my rack, where I had a top bunk and putting my head against the cold metal of the frame one afternoon and “giving my life to God.”  When I finished that brief prayer I raised my head and realized in that instant that God had called me to the ministry.

That  was more than sixty years ago. As a result of my salvation nearly my whole family has come to faith in Christ, including both my parents who are home in Heaven.

God has given my wife, Jane,  and me a ministry that continues into our fifty-fifth year.  Our four children are also in the Lord’s work and have been for many years.  We have nothing but praise to the Lord for using such unworthy servants for Him.

My wife and I chose our life Bible verse together while we were dating: “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved, you and your house” (Acts 16:31). God has surely verified this promise in our lives.

Kenneth F. Pierpont