Friday a little before noon, the sports world, even the world at large, was stunned by the sudden death of football legend, Coach Bo Schembechler. Mr. Schembechler was taping an interview at a Detroit television station when he collapsed and was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Coach Schembechler left behind a very honorable reputation both as a man and a football coach. Plans for his funeral have not been announced as yet but a waiting world will eulogize him with well-deserved praise.

Coach Schembechler fell one day short of being able to take great satisfaction in seeing his beloved University of Michigan team play the #1 ranked Buckeyes of Ohio State.

The sudden death of this fine man, so universally admired and respected should give us all pause to think of the day when we will be called, one by one, away from this world, Christian and non-Christian alike must one day, in one way or another, stand before God. What an unmistakable reminder “be ye also ready”. (Matthew 24:44


  1. Well written, Dad. An era has now passed and I remember it with so much fondness.

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