I was a schoolboy during World War II. Half way through the second grade, I remember sitting in front of our huge old radio that presided over our humble depression — era living room. Announcements had begun flying in the airways. The Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor. My young mind could take in only that great astonishment and excitement instantly flooded everyone’s lives. My dad excitedly phoned loved ones. In an instant my life and those of my family changed dramatically. It would be over three and a half years before there was peace again.

When you go out to vote next month our nation will have been fighting in Iraq the same length of time we were in World War II with the three nations that declared war against us. We need to compare the results of the two.

WWII — Japan attacked us and declared war. The next day Germany and Italy went to war with us.

Iraq — We attacked a sovereign nation without provocation at the behest of George W. Bush.

WWII — Complete unity by Americans to insist upon an honorable victory over our foes.

Iraq — Hopeless division among all Americans with civil war in Iraq.

WWII — Unconditional surrender of all three Axis powers.

Iraq — All American military leaders agree there is no military solution possible. Last week 27 of our brave troops laid down their lives for a cause that cannot be won. They joined the list of over 20,000 other casualties we have already suffered!