National Public Radio (NPR) just Wednesday discussed with “a science expert” that there is a problem regarding the age of the earth and the evidence of man on the earth.

It seems that “though the earth is five billion years old, the evidence for life is only about three and a half billion years.” So, “as science pursues the answer to the question “How did the earth originate’, there is a contradiction.”

There sure is. First of all, there is no “scientific evidence” that the earth is five billion years old nor that man has been on the earth a million or more years.

Geologists have established a table of “geologic ages.” Fossils found in the various strata that supposedly represent these ages are then used to date the rocks. Then, going elsewhere, similar strata are assigned age based on their fossil content. No one, apparently, realizes this circular reasoning by which to “prove” great age.

Actually, based upon the genealogical tables contained in the Genesis record, man cannot have been on the earth more than 10,000 or fewer years. With the worldwide flood of Noah’s day being a fact of science, it is a dangerous thing to use geologic finds to assign astronomical age to mother earth or to the age of man.

The supposed great “quest” to discover how the earth began is in reality blatant unbelief in the Word of God, a grievous sin that will bring judgment to all such persons some day (John 12:48).