A former presidential cabinet officer this week, in a news interview, said, “We are already in World War III.” Later in the week his remark was quoted in another news program.

Public figures now openly express doubt as to where the world is headed in the near future. Many support Israel’s campaign against Hezbollah terrorists but , like any decent person, are in anguish over the many children and other innocents who have been killed or displaced in Lebanon and the Gaza strip.

Not surprisingly, the Word of God addresses Lebanon seventy times. In the Millennium, Israel will enjoy the fruits of Lebanon (Isaiah 60:13).

Yet another change in mission in Iraq seems to be shaping up. The President is sending 30,000 more troops back into Baghdad to “quell the sectarian violence” there. The daily slaughter toll of Iraqis against each other is over 100. Is it civil war? Many of the best authorities say ” of course.”