Kathy Moran, oceanographer and fellow oceanographer, she, a professor at the University of Rhode Island, reported on “Science Friday” at NPR 6-2-06 that drilling in the Artic Ocean has produced sediment from “sixty-five million years ago” that reveals that the ocean there and environment was then “as warm and balmy as San Francisco.”

Of course no geologist of renown, or probably oceanographers, for that matter, take seriously the idea that a worldwide flood obliterated a world which, up to that time, had been semi-tropical in climate.

On the other hand, those committed to explaining much of the evidence left to us today as having been a part of the residue of Noah’s Flood. state that the great age assigned to much of the material is based upon biological evolution which never occurred.

Certainly this latest “find”, that is so puzzling to these oceanographers, is perfectly consistent with a Biblical view of geology.