More “peacekeeping” in Lebanon? I don’t think so!

This past week our State Department with counterparts from European nations have been busy “assembling a 15,000 man peacekeeping force” to separate the Hezbollah terrorists in southern Lebanon from the Israelis who struck across the border in a month-long war to try to retrieve two captured, wounded soldiers. The soldiers were taken after a surprise raid by Hezbollah into northern Israel that killed eight of the captured soldiers’ comrades.

Here is the box-score on dealing with Hezbollah:

1983: 241 U.S. Marines died in their sleep when a suicide bomber wiped out their barracks.
1984: CIA station chief in Beirut, Wm. F. Buckley was captured and tortured to death.
1985: Navy Seal, Robert Stethem was tortured, shot, and thrown off hijacked TWA
Flight 847.
1988: Marine Lt. Col. Wm. Higgins was kidnapped, tortured for weeks, and died of a heart attack. Then Hezbollah hanged his body and released pictures to the world. (He was commander of the U.N. “Peacekeeping” team at the time.)
1996: 19 U.S. servicemen were murdered in Saudi Arabia.

Notice to all cosmetic Christians: “We’re next!