An American commander (Army, Lt. Col.) is under investigation because he is accused of ruthlessly advocating the killing of “the enemy” in Iraq. He has, it is said, repeatedly warned his men to be wary of “young Iraqi men of military age.” It is not yet certain that he will face charges.

Meanwhile, last week, huge demonstrations in Iraq took place to support the Hezbollah terrorists who slew and kidnapped Israeli soldiers near the border of Lebanon. The demonstrations where approved by the new Iraqi government in Baghdad!

We have now suffered more than 22,000 casualties this war for “freedom in Iraq.” More than 2,500 of our fine young people have come home in caskets. Over half of the more than 20,000 wounded have permanent disabilities.

Our two top generals this past week said we are on the verge of civil war in Iraq. They report conditions are worsening, especially in Baghdad, a city seven times the size of Detroit.

Are you confused as to what we are doing and accomplishing in Iraq? I am!