Just a week ago the famous Australian nature expert, Steve Irwin, was tragically killed. His death came as he was being filmed for a new movie.

The Australian government offered his family a state funeral in honor of his many achievements. Though wealthy, much of his resources were given widely in the cause of conservation. His death will be a severe blow worldwide to these endeavors.

Known as the “crocodile hunter”, Steve was often filmed, sometimes with his tiny child tucked under his arm, sneaking up on a huge crocodile. Often they snapped their deadly jaws within inches of his face and hands in a kind of dance of death.

Oddly enough, not the crocodile, but the usually non-aggressive stingray, took his life..

As he was being filmed a nearby stingray whipped its deadly spine-like tail deep into his chest and into his heart.

How like sin is this tragic illustration. In speaking of drunkenness but applicable to every sin, the writer of Proverbs says: “At last it biteth like a serpent and stingeth like an adder.” How many today play with sin and finally succumb to its vicious retaliation.