Last September, Megan Chapman, a senior at Russell County High School in Kentucky was elected chaplain. A tradition there has been to have the chaplain deliver a prayer at graduation.

Two days before the Friday graduation the ACLU filed suit to stop the prayer and a federal judge issued an order, naming Megan, to bar the high school from prayer.

With 3,000 people packed into the gymnasium the night of graduation the ceremonies began but were quickly interrupted by the 196 seniors who broke into the Lord’s Prayer! Inspired by their example, including that of her twin sister Mandy, the class president, Mandy walked to the speaker’s stand and delivered a beautiful speech about her faith in Jesus Christ.

The next morning, Fox News arranged to have her give her story nationally. Liberty University promptly interviewed her and president Jerry Falwell issued a four year scholarship to both girls to attend there. Can the fabled ACLU be beaten? Yep, sure looks like it!