Lesson #4 – Why All the Translations of the Bible?

Of course, most people know the Bible was not originally written in English. Most of the Old Testament books were written first in Hebrew, the mother tongue or language of the people of Israel. Toward the end of Old Testament history Aramaic became the common language of the Jewish people. So, certain books of the Bible, written after about 600 B.C.,were written in Aramaic. Among these, for example were the books of Daniel and Ezra. [Read more…]

Lesson #3 – How We Know There Is A God?

Scholars who have investigated the lives of people the world over and through many centuries have discovered that everywhere they go, the people there have some form of worship of a divine being. In many places their worship is of trees, animals, and objects they have made themselves which Christians know as “idols.” Such worship sometimes involves bowing down to the stars, the constellations and other heavenly bodies. [Read more…]

Lesson #2 – How did the Bible get into book form?

In our first lesson we showed the meaning of “Old Testament” and “New Testament.”

These two sections of the Bible tell how God began dealing with man on earth (Old Testament) and how He continues to do so today (New Testament). [Read more…]

Lesson #1 – What does Old and New Testament mean?

Kenneth F. Pierpont, M.Div., M.Ed., D.Min.
Bible Teacher and Pastor

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