Why the furor over the self-announced promise of Islam to bring our country down?The devilish Muslims from Saudi Arabia have already succeeded big-time once.  Why let them do it again?

Most of you reading this were not on the planet when the Japs struck Pearl Harbor.  Immediately President Roosevelt turned to the many Japanese living in America as potential enemies.  He had no choice; the survival of America was in the balance.  In retrospect, it seems like a shame we had to do that to save our country. Not then!  We were there and knew the threat.

If you were living in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, our “Allies” against the warfare we are in, you would not be allowed to express your faith in Christ in any overt way.  These are the people we are defending at the moment.  Do they defend our rights as Christians?   – In a pig’s eye!

Until we can tell the good guys from the bad guys it is wise counsel to forbid any more from coming to America.  Islam already has over twenty training camps for combat in the USA, one in Michigan! That should get your attention if nothing else does.

Wake up and help save our beloved country from ruin.  Remember the words of our Lord, “No man can enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man…” (Mark 3:27). And now some of you want to tie our country’s hands!  No, no!


Scripture Text: Acts 16:25-31

Contrary to popular sentiment, the Christian faith has ever only taught exactly one way for human beings to get to God’s heaven at the end of this life. To be sure, there are many denominations of Christians who hold differently on relatively minor issues. But, the Christian faith holds in solid union the single way to Heaven as revealed in the Bible, God’s holy Word.

There are probably many mistaken notions about Heaven and how to get there, but in my forty-five years as a minister, the ones I illustrate below are among the main misconceptions people seem to hold.

I will give them as I recollect them and then, at the end, I will explain what the Bible teaches about God’s plan of salvation.

The Seven Mistaken Notions About Heaven


The Bible teaches that there are actually NO nice people in the world as compared to God’s holy standard. We are all sinners, according to God.

As an example the Bible says of human beings in Jeremiah 17:9

“The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. Who can know it?”


The day Christ died on the Cross He guaranteed Heaven to a man who had probably never darkened the door of any house of religion.

The thief on the cross that was adjacent to Christ’s, repented of his wickedness and called to Christ to save him. Jesus said: “Today you will be with me in Paradise” Luke 23:43.

Hundreds of times in Scripture the needs of men’s souls are discussed in Scripture. Not one time is it ever said or implied that salvation has anything whatsoever to do with attendance upon or membership in any church. In fact, the Bible never mentions church membership even once. Of course church membership has its place but that must not be confused with preparation for Heaven.


All references in the English Bible come from just two Greek words and are given exactly five times total. Four of the five mention religion negatively. The single reference to religion in a positive sense deals with being merciful to persons who have need such as widows.

Religious rituals are never spoken of in the Bible as a part of one’s salvation from sin. The Bible is not really a book about religion. It is a book about God’s redemptive plan.


Jesus tried to help the lame, the blind, the deaf and the downtrodden in His earthly ministry but there were many in His native land He never saw or was in a position to help. Those unfortunate souls He did not help were not victims simply because of their physical misfortune.

Heaven is never taught in Scripture to be a place of mere compensation for those whose health is poor. Weak and sickly or well and strong, neither in any way shape or determine one’s readiness for Heaven.

The Bible says “there are first that shall be last and last that shall be first-
Luke 13:30. God has a different way of measuring equity than we mere humans understand. No, Heaven is not a reward for those who have been unfortunate in this life.


Being sure of Heaven is not a scheme hatched out as a crutch to help dependent-type people who have trouble coping with “real life.”

The reality of sin and its consequences do not lead to poor mental health. Actually God’s Word assures us that understanding His Word is helpful in this regard: The Bible says: “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” -II Timothy 1:17.


According to Acts 10:34, “… God is not a respecter of persons.” In the eyes of God every person is a lost sinner until God saves him or her. There are not essential differences.

Regardless if your heart is as black as Hell with sin or if you have tried your hardest to avoid evil in your life– we humans are all lost until God saves us. We are, in that sense, equals.

The Apostle Paul, probably one of the most religious men of his day said of himself, before he became a Christian, that he was “the chiefest of sinners.” -I Timothy 1:5.


Jesus said the faith the size of a mustard seed could move a mountain. God is sympathetic to the person who has a little faith even. A man cried out to Him one day: “… Lord I believe, help my unbelief.”- Mark 9:24.

It is not the quantity of faith that saves a person. It is the object of faith that we all need. Faith must be simply and only in the person of God’s dear Son who died on the Cross for us all.


The Roman Governor, Pilate, in presenting the tortured Christ, abused by soldiers and bedraggled by tormentors, said to the angry mob about him: “What will you do with Jesus who is called the Christ.” Of course they all said: “crucify him.” And that was done.

But that death on the Cross was for you and me. The simple truth is that if any sinner, regardless of how bad or self-deluded into thinking himself not a sinner- regardless, Christ and Christ alone can save any and all.

The sinner’s prayer, so-called, is based upon an incident in Scripture where a poor sinner man called out for God’s help. He said: “God be merciful to me the sinner” -Luke 18:13.

Any person who will confess to God that he or she is a sinner and wants a way out of sin, can call upon Christ to save him or her. And He will. You can demonstrate that to your own satisfaction by calling out to God to save you. You can do it today. If you do, write to me and I will send you helps for your new Christian life. Come to Christ today for His perfect salvation. The greatest question of your life and mine is: “What will you do with Jesus who is called the Christ?”

Rev. Kenneth F. Pierpont


Allowing Christ’s love to be
used in your life as a means
to Christian Witness

The “FAITH” program of loving witness is an idea the Lord gave me as I studied our Saviour’s great emphasis upon love and how He expressed it. Among His children there is a dire need for believers to express love to others who are not, as yet, fortunate enough to know Him as their own personal Saviour.

This idea is not entirely a new one. In the past few years I have seen the idea variously expressed in kindnesses shown to others by various groups of believers. Sometimes it has been referred to as “Random Acts of Kindness.”

Youth groups will show up at the home of a widow, for example. The group will simply begin doing some outside job that is obvious for its need, raking leaves and gathering them, or asking permission and then washing windows for such a person.

Some youth groups have conducted car washes with the words “Free Car Wash” on a big sign held up at the curbside. These are usually done to include politely declining payment or tips for such service.

As a believer you can pray and ask God to help you “love somebody to Christ” through some act or set of acts He leads you to do for some person who does not profess faith in Him.

There are believers too, in difficult circumstances to whom you might give help. As you pray and ask God to show you whom to help and how to help, I am sure He will reveal to you what you can do.

Don’t try to focus upon something too big for your circumstances to handle. Be sure you don’t convey the idea that you are condescending to help someone either. Jesus never made Himself look “big” at some less fortunate person’s expense. Just quietly do something for somebody else.

Don’t think about a reward, even a pat on the back, in return. Loving Christians do not help others to look charitable or holy or opportunistic. The only honorable motive for helping others is to meet, in love, a need for Jesus’ sake.

Don’t do something or help someone for the express purpose of “evangelizing” that person. Make no mistake, there will come opportunities to witness of your faith, and that is wonderful. But, if your primary motive for doing something good is to confront a soul about his sin and lost condition, I believe the person will sense that and you will lose his or her respect.

Solid actions motivated by the love of Christ for a person will go a long way to preparing that heart for salvation. Remember, we are to be ready to help others “in season and out of season” (II Timothy 4:2).

Finally, do not forget that no honorable and properly motivated deed is too small to do for Jesus’ sake. Remember that a cup of cold water so given is worthy of Christ (Matthew 10:42).

Love that FORMS AN INTRODUCTION TO CHRIST will send you and me on many an adventure of faith for our precious Saviour. Let’s get started today. And, don’t forget, bathe all your actions in prayer!

Rev. Kenneth F. Pierpont

Record Attendance

Released Time Classes

In Febraury 7 children trusted Christ as there Savior.

This Month, (March) we praise the Lord for the great turn out at the Released Time Classes with Paul Spotts of Rural Bible Mission Ministries.We met our goal with 285. That was 10 above the goal set for us this year…. All the children who attend in April will receive a candy bar as a reward.


It is my contention that the worst social evil ever to infest this planet is quietly becoming, at least to some degree, acceptable to the Bible-believing Christian community. We must oppose this.

This message is for “us.” And who is “us”? It is every child of God who is eager to find out truth from God’s Word the Bible and to live by that truth, come what may.

I believe every Christian should be completely opposed to any form of social drinking whatsoever. Even in the medical community one hears very little about the use of alcohol for medicinal purposes any more. But of course this message is not about any alcohol admini-stered under the care of a physician for his patient. I am talking about the bottle and we should just say “No!”
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Rev. Kenneth F. Pierpont

A word of explanation and apology: This very imperfect attempt at capturing some of the background and highlights of the history of our dear church will leave some who venture to read it disappointed that certain persons and events were omitted. This was not a matter of design on my part but rather a combination of ignorance and need for brevity. Please take heed and indulge me with your forgiveness and understanding. Thank you.

September 2005

In the fall of the year in 1955, Rev. Orris Porter with Mr. Bruce Bennett and certain other believers came to town to “start a gospel testimony in Jonesville.” A building was bought at 201 Water Street. This brick structure was used as a parsonage as well as a meeting place. Souls were saved immediately. Later, a block building was erected in the rear of the parsonage to be used as a sanctuary.

In 1956 another building was purchased at 214 North Street and was used as a parsonage. These building were purchased by way of land contract and promissory notes and the group valiantly worked to pay them off.

Rev. Porter continued on with the work until June of 1958 at which time he resigned. A new pastor was called and on the first Sunday of July Rev. Kenyon Wirick took office. Later that fall the interior of the concrete building was redecorated. Up to this point the church was called “Grace Baptist Church.” On December 7, 1958 the congregation voted to change the name to “Jonesville Baptist Church.” Seventeen members were present for the vote.

A charter was formally organized and presented for the signatures of the membership. On September 21, 1958 a constitution was presented and adopted and the charter was closed. The following names are listed in the Church Minutes as signers of the charter: Lew Webster, Edith Small, Earl Mallery, Marie Mallery, Betty Gibbs, Stanley Gibbs, Bruce Bennett, Betty Bennett, Dorothy Price, Bert Porter, Mabel Bisel, Mrs. Bill Coburn and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Morrison, fifteen names in all.

Work progressed on the newer building which needed to be readied for use. On the first Sunday in July in 1960 the first services were held in this building. This was exactly two years into Pastor Wirick’s tenure.
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Psalm 69:1-3, NIV: SAVE ME, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck. I sink in the miry depths, where there is no foothold. I have come into the deep waters; the floods engulf me. I am worn out calling for help; my throat is parched. My eyes fail…”

This week was the week for “America’s Tsunami,” as I call the terrible Hurricane Katrina that ripped ashore off the Gulf Coast and destroyed what we know as civilization in New Orleans, Biloxi, Mississippi, parts of Alabama and, heartbreakingly, so many other American communities in the affected area.
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God presents all of us in this world with a choice to believe Him, to accept Him and to obey Him in this life. When we act toward God, we win! God calls such people “… the righteous.” What a title–totally undeserved but God’s grace has been extended in behalf of God’s Son to us and now we are His children.
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When our armed forces were ordered to invade the nation of Iraq we were told it was for the purpose of ridding that country of its ”weapons of mass destruction.” Never mind that our weapons inspectors who had free reign at the time to search in the whole country, even being invited to search Saddam Hussein’s personal palaces, could not fmd even one such weapon! But, as Mr. Bush said, “It’s time for a regime change in Iraq.” He had made up his mind to overthrow the government of Iraq before the weapons inspectors had time to fmish their work. They were ordered out of the country! We went to war.


Are we involved in “a just war” in Iraq?

Consider this important fact, please. Never before in the history of our country have we ever attacked a sovereign nation for the purpose of overthrowing its government when we were unprovoked, never!

Is our nation, or any other nation entitled to simply drive its tanks into a country’s capital and declare its government overthrown? That’s what Saddam did in Kuwait! As a result, a coalition of nations- a major part of the free world, joined together to expel him and his military from this tiny but oil-rich nation. What entitled the USA to do what Saddam Hussein did? According to President Bush, he was exercising “a preemptive strike.” Unwittingly, by the use of that very term, our president admitted that we were going into Iraq unprovoked! Sad!

Throughout the history of the Christian church, most groups within Christendom have pretty well agreed that there is such a thing as “a just war.” When a strong man orders his troops into a peaceful nation, begins a reign of brutality there, threatens the very future of that nation, at that point, many Christian leaders would feel that there was
justification for war by that nation and even its allies, if the nation attacked so desires.

If it be argued that such justification had already been supplied by the brutality Hussein had demonstrated against his own people the Kurds, this is contradicted by the fact that the Kurds are his own people. They are a part of his nation. What even evil men do in their own nations is not in and of itself proper justification to go to war with them as an outsider looking on.

Furthermore, it is interesting to note that at the very time we were fmalizing our plans to attack Iraq, North Korea solemnly announced that it had produced a nuclear weapon (a weapon of mass destruction.) What did the Bush administration do? We announced that this was a matter for North Korea’s neighbors to address
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A few years ago we were living in central Ohio and conducting a ministry there. The parsonage where we lived had a pond in the back yard. Actually the pond was more like a bog, where mosquitoes grew healthy and large. Near the pond, all round the back yard, the ground seemed only a few feet above some sort of subterranean water source that kept it rather moist the year round.
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