Again this week, as I was crossing the channels on our living room television, I came upon a “How to do It” program dealing with parenting. Leaving it on for about two minutes, this is what I saw.

The scene looked in upon a middle-class home in the childrens bedroom area. The father and mother were professional people, at home from their jobs, “at last,” and ready now to bed the children down for the night.

In the two minutes I watched this pitiful scene there was more upset in that home than my wife and I ever had, total , in putting out children to rest in all our years of parenting.

The mother begged, chasing the children around the room while the father took turn about throwing them into bed threatening them not to get up “again.” They didn’t get up “again,” they got up many times, in full disregard to the parents'”orders.”

I could not imagine being a child “raised” in such utter chaos. Probably some “doctor” will “diagnose” these children with any one of a number of imaginary illnesses assigned to boys and girls whose misfortune it is to be reared in homes devoid of structure, tough love and character-building attributes. My dad would have “cured” those childrens “problems” the first hour he had charge of them. Thanks Dad!

What in the World – Moon Camp!

The National aviation and Space Administration (NASA) announce this week that by the year 2018 we will have a permanent space camp on the moon.

To start with they are projecting 25 billion dollars in expense. The camp is to be built at the moons south pole “where there is plenty of sun for power” and maybe ice that can be melted for the sake of future astronauts use there.

The stated purpose is to “explore the history of the earth and the moon.” The reported theory is that the “moon was once a chunk of the earth.”

Meanwhile the daily starvation of hundreds of thousands in Africa, especially Sudan, Chad and other central African nations goes on.

Suggestion: Distribute specially marked copies of the Bible to each leader at NASA highlighting Genesis 1:16 and Psalm 19:2. Then take your tax dollars and invest them in the lives of those starving people for whom Jesus died!

War and Prayer

It is amazing that such scant attention is being paid to the cost of the war in Iraq at present. In terms of money the costs have now risen above the total cost of the Vietnam War. Todays American babies and toddlers will be paying this bill for many years to come.

But, even more heartbreaking is the cost in American manpower. The death toll is now just short of 2,900, since the war began over 3-1/2 years ago. More than 21,000 have been wounded. Of this number over 9,000 have some form of permanent disability.

God holds up the goal for us the living, as believers, of “a quiet and peaceable life” and to maintain an ongoing attitude of prayer for those in governmental authority (I Timothy 2:1-2).

A combat zone requires great bravery on the part of those conducting combat operations. Many of our dear soldiers and marines do not have a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus. What happens to them should matter a great deal to us.

Whether or not our governmental leaders believe they need prayer is beside the point. They do! God says so! Many of them do not profess the Lord and others who do are confused. Lets do our Christian duty in these dark days.


Friday a little before noon, the sports world, even the world at large, was stunned by the sudden death of football legend, Coach Bo Schembechler. Mr. Schembechler was taping an interview at a Detroit television station when he collapsed and was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Coach Schembechler left behind a very honorable reputation both as a man and a football coach. Plans for his funeral have not been announced as yet but a waiting world will eulogize him with well-deserved praise.

Coach Schembechler fell one day short of being able to take great satisfaction in seeing his beloved University of Michigan team play the #1 ranked Buckeyes of Ohio State.

The sudden death of this fine man, so universally admired and respected should give us all pause to think of the day when we will be called, one by one, away from this world, Christian and non-Christian alike must one day, in one way or another, stand before God. What an unmistakable reminder “be ye also ready”. (Matthew 24:44



October was a terrible month for American troops in Iraq. 105 of our precious young men and women were killed in the war there.

During the Vietnam War Dover Air Force base in Delaware, was used as the reception point for the bodies of our soldiers and marines killed in action. The flag-draped coffins were respectfully removed from the aircraft that had delivered them. Very often the television news carried these solemn ceremonies.

A young employee at Dover Air Force base took a picture of one of these ceremonies a couple of years ago. She was fired from her job and charged with a crime. The crime? She had “invaded the privacy” of the families grieving over the loss of their loved ones.

Now, well into the fourth year of this war we are being shielded from the sober reality of these many, many combat deaths by law. The reality is, however, that the total casualties have now surpassed 22,000. May God have mercy upon our nation.

What In The World

Those were almost my exact words this past Monday morning. “What in the world?” We were making our way to the Grand Rapids area for the Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches Annual Conference.

‘About thirty-five miles short of our destination on U.S. route 131, suddenly the steering on our Buick stiffened in my hands. At 64 mile an hour it was a nasty surprise. A moment later the charging system warning light came on and stayed on.

My mind raced through the probable causes of these problems– “Looks like Ive lost the serpentine belt powering theseâ€, At that moment the temperature warning light came on and stayed on about two minutes. “Uh, oh! Ive lost the water pump action.” Next the “check engine” light!

Taking stock of our situation Jane and I ran through our minds whats in that area to help us. We pastored in that area many years ago and it is still pretty rural. We opted to move on north.

Eventually we made it to the GM dealer in Wayland. And, there in the waiting lobby was a dear young woman Jane and I witnessed to for an hour. God is working in her life as we speak.

We were on our way in a few hours and with thanksgiving our dear Lord worked it all out for His glory.



This week our son-in-law, Rev. Jim Evans, was hurrying down the interstate highway in Tennessee, delivering a large new crane truck to its destination. He came upon another, just like his, stopped by the side of the road.

Jim quickly cell phoned his boss. “Do we have another of our trucks in my area?” he asked. Yes, it was theirs.

Turning his truck at the next exit and returning he found the driver prone on the seat, desperately ill. The man, though, declined Jim’s help.

Sencing the man was near delirium,, Jim insisted on taking the man to a Knoxville hospital. Calling ahead, the man’s family was notified and met them at the hospital.

The intensive care physician told Jim the man was lapsing into a diabetic coma and would, I all likelihood have died if he had not rescued him.

While our son-in-law was loading the man into his truck, another of their trucks whizzed by.

“Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by?” (Lamentations 1:14)




I was a schoolboy during World War II. Half way through the second grade, I remember sitting in front of our huge old radio that presided over our humble depression — era living room. Announcements had begun flying in the airways. The Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor. My young mind could take in only that great astonishment and excitement instantly flooded everyone’s lives. My dad excitedly phoned loved ones. In an instant my life and those of my family changed dramatically. It would be over three and a half years before there was peace again.

When you go out to vote next month our nation will have been fighting in Iraq the same length of time we were in World War II with the three nations that declared war against us. We need to compare the results of the two.

WWII — Japan attacked us and declared war. The next day Germany and Italy went to war with us.

Iraq — We attacked a sovereign nation without provocation at the behest of George W. Bush.

WWII — Complete unity by Americans to insist upon an honorable victory over our foes.

Iraq — Hopeless division among all Americans with civil war in Iraq.

WWII — Unconditional surrender of all three Axis powers.

Iraq — All American military leaders agree there is no military solution possible. Last week 27 of our brave troops laid down their lives for a cause that cannot be won. They joined the list of over 20,000 other casualties we have already suffered!



Recently, Pope Benedict XVI of the Roman catholic Church was delivering a theological lecture when he mentioned a medieval figure who had noted that Islam was founded on and led in violence by its founder Muhammad.

It took only a few days for news reports of the pontiff’s words to reach the Muslim world. It was as if, with one voice, the Muslim world said, “How dare those infidels to besmirch our leader and our religious character in implying we are a religion of violence.”

In numerous Islamic nations masses took to the streets, smashing windows, overturning cars, pelting foreign embassies with stones and more. Demonstrations went on night and day. The pope was burned in effigy. A Catholic nun was slain in one such country. Calls for the pop’s resignation and his death went out.

In spite of Benedict’s apologies, there is still upset. How could he have been so “mistaken?”



A church in California has been attacked by IRS and is threatened with loss of its tax-exempt status. It seems the pastor made a few derogative remarks about George Bush. The church is outspokenly liberal in its theological views. Several conservative churches have come to the defense of this far-left leaning church.

Churches are not tax-exempt because they are non-profit organizations. They are tax exempt because they are a sovereign entity. For example, Gov. Granholm can feel free to criticize Gov. Taft of Ohio. That is because Michigan is a sovereign body. This is as it should be.

Many “political issues” are, in fact, moral and spiritual issues. That is where we come in. Are we prohibited from speaking as a church? If the church in California loses, who’s next on the government’s list?