Allowing Christ’s love to be
used in your life as a means
to Christian Witness

The “FAITH” program of loving witness is an idea the Lord gave me as I studied our Saviour’s great emphasis upon love and how He expressed it. Among His children there is a dire need for believers to express love to others who are not, as yet, fortunate enough to know Him as their own personal Saviour.

This idea is not entirely a new one. In the past few years I have seen the idea variously expressed in kindnesses shown to others by various groups of believers. Sometimes it has been referred to as “Random Acts of Kindness.”

Youth groups will show up at the home of a widow, for example. The group will simply begin doing some outside job that is obvious for its need, raking leaves and gathering them, or asking permission and then washing windows for such a person.

Some youth groups have conducted car washes with the words “Free Car Wash” on a big sign held up at the curbside. These are usually done to include politely declining payment or tips for such service.

As a believer you can pray and ask God to help you “love somebody to Christ” through some act or set of acts He leads you to do for some person who does not profess faith in Him.

There are believers too, in difficult circumstances to whom you might give help. As you pray and ask God to show you whom to help and how to help, I am sure He will reveal to you what you can do.

Don’t try to focus upon something too big for your circumstances to handle. Be sure you don’t convey the idea that you are condescending to help someone either. Jesus never made Himself look “big” at some less fortunate person’s expense. Just quietly do something for somebody else.

Don’t think about a reward, even a pat on the back, in return. Loving Christians do not help others to look charitable or holy or opportunistic. The only honorable motive for helping others is to meet, in love, a need for Jesus’ sake.

Don’t do something or help someone for the express purpose of “evangelizing” that person. Make no mistake, there will come opportunities to witness of your faith, and that is wonderful. But, if your primary motive for doing something good is to confront a soul about his sin and lost condition, I believe the person will sense that and you will lose his or her respect.

Solid actions motivated by the love of Christ for a person will go a long way to preparing that heart for salvation. Remember, we are to be ready to help others “in season and out of season” (II Timothy 4:2).

Finally, do not forget that no honorable and properly motivated deed is too small to do for Jesus’ sake. Remember that a cup of cold water so given is worthy of Christ (Matthew 10:42).

Love that FORMS AN INTRODUCTION TO CHRIST will send you and me on many an adventure of faith for our precious Saviour. Let’s get started today. And, don’t forget, bathe all your actions in prayer!

Rev. Kenneth F. Pierpont

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