Again this week, as I was crossing the channels on our living room television, I came upon a “How to do It” program dealing with parenting. Leaving it on for about two minutes, this is what I saw.

The scene looked in upon a middle-class home in the childrens bedroom area. The father and mother were professional people, at home from their jobs, “at last,” and ready now to bed the children down for the night.

In the two minutes I watched this pitiful scene there was more upset in that home than my wife and I ever had, total , in putting out children to rest in all our years of parenting.

The mother begged, chasing the children around the room while the father took turn about throwing them into bed threatening them not to get up “again.” They didn’t get up “again,” they got up many times, in full disregard to the parents'”orders.”

I could not imagine being a child “raised” in such utter chaos. Probably some “doctor” will “diagnose” these children with any one of a number of imaginary illnesses assigned to boys and girls whose misfortune it is to be reared in homes devoid of structure, tough love and character-building attributes. My dad would have “cured” those childrens “problems” the first hour he had charge of them. Thanks Dad!


  1. Hey, Dad. Thanks for all the time and effort and prayer you put into raising me. I know it kept you on your knees. I often think of the hundred of early-morning paper routes you RAN with me. I think of the many times you created projects that would develop me into a preacher, pastor, soul-winner, salesman, writer… etc. I remember hundreds of winter nights playing chess, basketball, football in the back yard, hospital calls and pastoral visits, rest-home, jail, and bus ministry…. WOW. My fingers are tired writing about it.

    You are the world’s greatest DAD. I love you and admire you more than any man on earth.


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