What in the World – Moon Camp!

The National aviation and Space Administration (NASA) announce this week that by the year 2018 we will have a permanent space camp on the moon.

To start with they are projecting 25 billion dollars in expense. The camp is to be built at the moons south pole “where there is plenty of sun for power” and maybe ice that can be melted for the sake of future astronauts use there.

The stated purpose is to “explore the history of the earth and the moon.” The reported theory is that the “moon was once a chunk of the earth.”

Meanwhile the daily starvation of hundreds of thousands in Africa, especially Sudan, Chad and other central African nations goes on.

Suggestion: Distribute specially marked copies of the Bible to each leader at NASA highlighting Genesis 1:16 and Psalm 19:2. Then take your tax dollars and invest them in the lives of those starving people for whom Jesus died!

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