“New Strategy”


Following the report of the “Iraq Study Group” headed by prominent former administrative and legislative figures, news began to “leak” out that President Bush was going to change strategies in Iraq. No one doubts that the disastrous losses of the President’s party at the polls in November led directly to these proposed changes.

Now news reports flood the airwaves: “Bush will increase troop levels temporarily.” Others speculate that he will announce modest troop reductions. A virtual parade of field and general grade officers, mostly retired, is being quizzed by the various media about the advisability of what is guessed to be Bush’s new “strategy.” No one knows. Everyone awaits the President’s announcement.

Meanwhile, every day our brave soldiers and marines are ordered out to the streets in Iraq’s cities. Three to four per day, on average, are blown to bits and are shipped home in body bags in coffins. Dozens of others are severely wounded by snipers’ bullets, burns from roadside explosives, have severed limbs, and on and on it goes. To what purpose?

That we can never win this conflict militarily, everyone agrees. So why do we stay? “To make America safe,” in the standard answer. This is exactly the answer our government gave throughout the Vietnam War. That is, until it was realized we couldn’t win militarily. Then what did we do? We left! And what happened? We established standard trading policies with the “new” Vietnam.

Our most precious national commodity, our dear young people, is being squandered, every day in this war that is destined to go down in history as the gravest mistake any American president ever made. Let’s do what we did in Vietnam, Lebanon, and Somalia: leave! National pride! Is it worth one more gallant soldier or marine?


  1. Dad – Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    I think if you’ll read these articles by Oliver North you’ll get a clearer perspective than you’re getting from NPR and the nightly news. He’s now been in Iraq covering the war almost as long as he was in Vietnam. I think his perspective is quite helpful amidst all the muddy water presented in the mainstream press.

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    State of war II

    Winning the war: Part III

    Notes from a war diary: Part four

    Vietnam and Iraq: Myth vs. Reality

  2. Jesse Evans says:

    “Our most precious national commodity”
    I like the way you said that grandpa. I agree fully with you. I feel like ive been saying the same things on my blog, only worded differantly.

    I dont see myself as a Proud American. How could I? Because of what our government has been doing i feel we have to ask forgivness to not only the innocent that die during war, but also the soldiers that are sent to fight, as you said, “to what purpose?” Also in my opinion it wouldnt hurt to ask the Muslims for forgivness. Because of our war’s on terrorism we have created myths that Muslims are all terrorists, that is far from the case. So how, how can i be proud to be an american? I am a humbled american. Because my government has brought me to this, and because it is a charector of Christ.

    Hah, it seems i am also passionate about these issues.

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