Two A.M. according to my watch, but why was the clock face dark? “Oh, Oh, no power.”

When we retired Sunday night I was afraid something like this was out in front of us. An ice storm brought a fresh challenge to our community. I stared through the blind- “Yep,” I remarked to myself. “Everything else is out too.”

Monday morning brought some serious discomfort to bathroom activity. The living room thermometer showed 57 degrees, not terrible but far from comfortable too.

The power company estimate came to me over the automated voice on their line, “Your estimate is 11:59 P. M. Tuesday.” This was Monday morning. We had taken a serious hit.

Monday evening and Jane was finishing with work. Mercifully, her office building had not lost power or heat. It was quitting time but, understandably, she wasnt relishing coming home. We ate at Wendys.

Tuesday morning brought more cold but also jogged my memory. We still had hot water as the water heater has a standing pilot light and is served by gas. It was a little odd though seeing steam rise over the hot water coming from the shower.

Tuesday evening, still dark. I called the electric company. New estimate! “Your power is scheduled to be restored by 8:00 P.M. Wednesday.” We ate at Wendys.

As a Christian, my mind went to the winter before in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The earthquake victims lost their homes in the mountains and spent the whole winter in the cold– very cold. My problems, I decided were nothing.

Wednesday in the forenoon the power actually came on. The Lord had taught me a lesson on how soft I was, how prone I was to demand the creature comforts. I couldn’t say I was glad the power went off but I was glad the Lord used it in my life. Then there is appreciation. In 51 years of marriage this three days was the worst such difficulty we had experienced. The Lord has been very good to us.

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