God presents all of us in this world with a choice to believe Him, to accept Him and to obey Him in this life. When we act toward God, we win! God calls such people “… the righteous.” What a title–totally undeserved but God’s grace has been extended in behalf of God’s Son to us and now we are His children.

Unfortunately, many who are presented with this wonderful opportunity turn it down. In that cases choices in life are so very often unwise, destructive to those who choose them and irreversible. Sad.

These ungodly and foolish choices are referred to in Scripture (Psalm 1) as “chaff.”
Chaff is, of course, the worthless remainder from a harvest of wheat.

One does not become hopelessly addicted to tobacco who does not take the first cigarette.

One does not die of delirium tremens who does not take the first alcoholic drink.

One does not succumb to the addiction of pornographic literature who does not linger over the first evil magazine.

One does not gamble away a fortune and future who does not put down the first $2 bet.

One does not leave his wife and children for another who does not test forbidden waters with the first flirty remark.

One does not receive conviction for theft of a fortune who does not misappropriate the first item from his office or factory.

One does not mistreat his subordinates at his workplace who has not first run roughshod over his own family.

One does not disdain the precepts of Holy Scripture who has not first ceased reading his Bible.

One does not stop attending his church regularly who has not first omitted such attendance on his vacation.

Finally, one does not turn his life into chaff who has not turned his back upon the first tiny rebuke the Holy Spirit has used another with which to confront him.

Let us not be like the chaff, “which the wind drives away,” but like the righteous who “meditate in His law, day and night.”