You may have thought governmental meddling into your life wouldn’t get any worse. It just did!

This past week (May 13, 2016), the Obama administration issued a “directive” mandating that every public school in the nation must “protect” homosexuals (LGBT) by insisting that boys and girls in every school be allowed to decide their own gender, regardless of their gender at birth.

Now boys may walk into girls’ restrooms and locker rooms at will for no reason other than that is their personal choice, and vice verse!

As an educator for many years of my life, I cannot think of anything more likely to undermine and destroy public schools than such a mindless act. Washington , under Obama, is making its own set of corrupt “laws.” The very thought of bringing gender confusion into the lives of little children is itself perverse!

Despite the fact that no lawmaker has passed judgment upon this mandate, it will have the force of law because tax money from the federal coffers that would have gone to a school will be withheld until that school conforms to this blackmail and allows this evil practice.

Under the guise of “protecting an abused minority,” in the persons of those pretending to be of one gender who were born the other, our country is being forced to accept a form of fornication God has condemned in His Word, the Bible.

What is more, this mandate makes it all but certain that this sinful practice will be adopted in all public restrooms in the nation, probably churches as well.  Just a question when!

Allowing men to enter restrooms where women and girls are supposedly accorded total privacy is akin to inviting exploitation by predators bent upon their voyeurism at the least and beyond into rape and other violent acts.

The Bible is clear: “the sexually immoral… adulterers… male prostitutes homosexual offenders…” will not “inherit the kingdom of God” ( I Corinthians 6:9, NIV)!  Americans must not allow our government to lead us into this horrendous evil, nor be deceived by buying into the mistaken notion we are protecting a legitimate minority.  Homosexuals need wholesome examples of proper sexuality and courageous morally helpful people in their lives, not accommodation to their sin.