The Christian Faith And Mormonism   

Galatians 1:6-8; I Corinthians 15:1-4


Mormonism sponsors musical extravaganzas, advertises the giving of Bibles and literature, features celebrities on television, and often includes politicians running for office. All these create a high profile. If you have ever talked personally to any of them, their conservative life style and often outgoing manner can be impressive.

You may have neighbors or professional people who are Mormons. They prefer to refer to themselves as members of “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints” (LDS). You may be impressed by their upstanding private lives and more. They may very well portray a happy successful image. Who are these people?

Believers are not only entitled to know who these people are and what they believe, but, I believe we have a biblical obligation to settle in our minds what the truth is about Mormonism and to be ready to answer at least minimal questions about them.

We must know the gospel well to be good witnesses for Christ. Paul said: “…though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have received, let him be accursed” (Ga 1:8).
Knowing and defending the gospel to a believer’s loved ones and friends is an obligation we must take seriously.

So what about Mormonism and our Christian Faith? The subject comes up in politics, government, and religion. Let’s look into The Christian faith and Mormonism.

In Sharon, Vermont, December 23, 1805, exactly one-hundred and four years before the birth of my father- baby Joseph Smith, Jr. was born. While he was young the family moved to New York State. His family was known for its peculiarities. One was in digging for hidden treasure. 

Young Joseph was arrested and tried over an incident of pretending to know where hidden treasure was buried. He was reported to have used some kind of “looking stone” or glass. He had apparently swindled people out of money promising to find money or other treasure for them. The court record is from the Palmyra, New York area. The warrant called him “a disorderly person and an imposter.” He was convicted. 

In this unusual and superstitious atmosphere Joseph Jr. claimed visions and divine revelations as early at 1820 and 1823. In his book The Pearl of Great Price Smith relates a complicated story of confrontation with angels, occurrences of visions et cetera resulting in his finding of certain sets of brass plates and a pair of magic spectacles by which he read the plates written in “reformed Egyptian caracters [sic].” Apparently Smith was not deterred by the fact that the Egyptian language is divided off by scholars into five periods, none of which is “Reformed Egyptian.” The great likelihood is that he had little or no real knowledge of the Egyptian language from any era.  

The plates were supposedly hidden in the earth in the “Hill Cumorah” about the year 428 A.D. The spectacles he referred to as the “Urim and Thummim. With these brass plates were the spectacles. In a vision Smith was ordered to dig in the hillside near his home and there he claimed he found on September 22, 1823, these objects which produced “The Book of Mormon.” With the help of the Angel Moroni’s spectacles Smith translated from the “Reformed Egyptian caracters,” English grammar not being his strong suit he was able to spell characters without benefit of an “h.”

From this beginning the enterprising Joseph Smith began to gather followers in an atmosphere of doubt and rejection by Christian people and churches of the day and in particular their pastors.


Primarily the Book of Mormon is about two ancient civilizations that supposedly existed in the Americas. About 2,250 B.C. a group referred to as “the Jadedites,” left the Tower of Babel, and made its way to the eastern coast of what we now know is Central America. The book of “Ether” in the Book of Mormon describes their journey across the Atlantic Ocean on “barges that were light upon the water.” Along with the people were “flocks and herds and whatsoever beast or animal or fowl that they should carry with them” (Ether 5:4). This was, we are told, a divinely appointed trip for “no monster of the sea could break them [their vessels], neither whale that could mar them…” (Ether 6:10). 

These Jaredites were hardy souls. Their trip makes Noah’s voyage in the Ark look like a Sunday school picnic as they battled the elements “and were thus driven forth, three hundred and forty and four days upon the water” (Ether 6:11). Over time this Jaredite civilization was punished for “corruption” and completely disappeared.

The second civilization, we are told, dates from about 600 B.C. Just before the destruction of the city of Jerusalem by the Babylonians, a group of Jews left, traveling across the Pacific Ocean in a large ship they were told by the Lord to build. During the trip some of the group (the bad guys- “sons of Ishmael”) rebelled and placed Nephi (the good guy) in bonds. The divinely provided “compass” Nephi was using refused to guide the rebels who were forced when “the tempest became exceeding sore” to release Nephi. The group was thus guided by the faithful compass under Nephi’s seamanship so that “after the space of many days we did arrive at the promised land” (I Nephi 18:23). 

This second civilization divided into warfare and eventually the evil “Lamanites” destroyed the entire Nephite group not before, however, Moroni, a descendant of godly Nephi finished writing all the history of these civilizations on the brass plates and hid them in the hill Cumorah in New York in A.D. 428. Thus Joseph Smith Jr. had the good fortune to “find” them more or less in his back yard in 1823 as mentioned earlier!

It should be pointed out that The Book of Mormon clearly teaches the origin of dark skin was a curse upon the wicked Lamanites so that their black skins would “not be enticing unto my people” [i.e. the Nephites], (2 Nephi 5:21). That is Mormonism’s explanation for dark skins upon the American indians!

Anthropologists do not take seriously the fanciful story we have just related. In summary, not a shred of evidence has been produced to validate anything of these so-called ancient civilizations. One wonders if any Mormon, beyond the most gullible, puts real stock in these absurdities trumpeted by The Book of Mormon. Over the years the Smithsonian Institute has been contacted to substantiate various Mormon claims relating to archaeology in the New World and has poured cold water on them all! [A-78, p. 1]

Some earlier Christian apologists have sought to trace the origin of The Book of Mormon to a fanciful novel written by a retired Presbyterian minister named Solomon Spaulding. Joseph Smith is reported to have had access to the writings of Rev. Spaulding through fellow Mormon and writer Sidney Rigdon and the print shop where the manuscript awaited publication. For some years this explanation for the origin of much of The Book of Mormon was confused by the fact that Rev. Spaulding wrote two such novels. Mormon authorities have tried to show that Spaulding’s writings are totally different than The Book of Mormon by avoiding comparison with both of Spaulding’s books, a denial, of course, that Rigdon or Smith stole Spaulding’s writings. 

The Book of Mormon is filled with long quotations from the King James Version Bible (1611 A.D.). Cult authority the late Walter R. Martin writes: “According to a careful survey of the Book of Mormon, it contains at least 25,000 words from the King James Bible” [K-29, 165]. Before you breathe a sigh of relief, that the Bible is quoted, let me remind you that these brass plates date variously from 420 and 600 A.D. In other words, quotations from the KJV, complete with italicized words from the translators, appear in The Book of Mormon supposedly more than a thousand years older—quite impossible! So what is the explanation? Simple —- Joe Smith plaglarized them, that is he stole them from the Bible. The only other explanation is that he stole the whole thing from someone else (like Sidney Rigdon or Solomon Spaulding) and didn’t write the The Book of Mormon at all.

Bear in mind that The Book of Mormon is presented by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) as the very word of God.. The book from beginning to end is written in would-be imitation Bible style, complete with Elizabethan language similar to the King James Bible of the seventeenth century (from which much of it was copied). Apart from the Scriptures it copies, it is a book filled with silly religious nonsense.

We should mention here that I believe Mormonism would survive and expand even without The Book of Mormon. Very little of modern Mormonism has anything to do with The Book of Mormon. The primary use of The Book of Mormon, as I see it, has to do with undermining the Scriptures and replacing their authority with that of self-serving religionists. In Mormonism, for all practical purposes, Joseph Smith replaces the Lord Jesus Christ. They bandy about the name of our Saviour as few religious groups do, even calling themselves, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.” No doubt millions of them believe they are Christ’s true Church.  


As Joseph Smith sought to spread his incredible story he was joined by the zealous Church of Christ preacher, Sidney Rigdon, from Ohio. He and other early leaders, under persecution in New York, moved the group to Kirtland, Ohio in 1833. They bought a parcel of land there which they dubbed “hallowed ground.”

It wasn’t long until outrage against the conduct of Smith and Rigdon arose and they were treated to tar and feathers and run out of town. Next the move was made to Nauvoo, Illinois. There the outright immorality of the leaders of the group led to the storming of the Carthage County Jail where Joe and his brother Hyrum were shot to death by an outraged mob. 

A colorful and impressive book of art work [Gospel Art Book, G-58, undated] is in my possession. It is designed to impress you with the grandeur of Mormonism. It was given to me by a well-heeled Mormon dentist. It represents the finest in persuasive literature designed to convey the image of truth and beauty and success of the Latter Day Saints (LDS) Church.

A second piece of literature is found in Appendix A, at the end of this paper. It is the historical record [Salt Lake City Messenger, May, 2009, p. 5] of a very immoral man whose lust seduced many women in his short life. This document shows that Joseph Smith “married” at least thirty-three women. No doubt, had his madness for women not ended with his lynching in a Missouri jail, the list would have been considerably longer.

Brigham Young, who replaced Smith upon his death as the leader of the LDS, is reported to have had a mere twenty-seven wives but those in a position to know claim many more women were “sealed to him.” His own boastful words about his shameless wanton polygamy are sickening in the extreme!

We do not imply that all or even most Mormons are immoral or devious or openly wicked. Our observations are about LDS itself. No doubt many relatively innocent Mormons have never taken the time to examine what they are into.  

The contradictions of these two documents are typical of Mormonism, even to the point of hoodwinking many of its kind, my dentist acquaintance very probably being one of them.

From the point of Smith’s death on the larger part of the group was led by Brigham Young, another adulterer and polygamist. A cult of leadership has succeeded him over the years and is today represented in each succeeding President of the LDS Church. A smaller group moved to Independence, Missouri where it remains today called “The Josephites” or the “Reogranized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.” The Brigham Young group is, of course, a major part of the population of Utah and is headquartered in Salt Lake City. The goal of this latter group is to build a utopian society representing the State of Utah.


Actually it is technically neither. It is a polytheistic religion of its own making. If Mormonism is not a cult, one wonders what could be called a cult! Of course, in every Bible-believing Bible college or seminary in America it is common knowledge that Mormonism is absolutely cultic and has been from Mormonism’s outset! Let us hasten to the facts which very amply prove my point.

By definition, in its simplest form, a cult of Christianity is any form of religion attaching itself to Christianity that represents a corruption of its essential biblical doctrines. This is particularly true of the corruption of the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.  

As an example of the corruption of our Saviour’s holiness Brigham Young taught that Mary and Martha, the sisters of Lazarus and Mary Magdalene were His plural wives!

The term Christendom means that Christianity is involved in some form or reference. True Christianity and Christendom are not one and the same in that mere identification with something called “Christian” does not in and of itself make it truly biblical Christianity. The mere use of Christian terms simply identifies a movement with “Christendom,” not at all a measure of its devotion to the true faith of Christ. 

Both Smith and Young taught that there are many Gods, that God was once a man and that God be correctly referred to as “gods.” Smith is reported to have said he could not worship a god who did not have an “eternal mother.”

Statements such as these (and there are thousands more) identify Mormonism as part of “Christendom.” Such statements are not “Christian.”


Every Bible-taught believer should be eager to ask this question: “Is the Bible the Word of God according to Mormonism?

The answer a Mormon would give is “Yes.” He would then probably hope you didn’t investigate any further or might not know to investigate beyond the beginnng. Other writings are claimed by Mormons to be the Word of God as well. In addition to The Book of Mormon, Mormons claim the following as sacred and authoritative: Doctrine and Covenants, The Pearl of Great Price and the “inspired” pronouncements of the presidents of the LDS Church from the First Presidents, Joseph Smith to Brigham Young and to the present.

At one time the LDS claimed as authoritative a writing based on papyri and Egyptian mummies that Smith discovered from a traveling exhibit that came to Kirtland, Ohio in 1835. Smith called it The Book of Abraham  that he had personally translated from Egyptian hieroglyphics. At one time the LDS church boasted of them. But as the light of enlightened scholarship inevitably fell upon them they are today passed over by the LDS church to bury Smith’s absurd interpretation of them. 

In actuality the authority of the Scriptures is eclipsed by these latter so-called “authorities.” Note these words from The Book of Mormon:  

Second Nephi 29:3,4,6,and 11 “and because many of the Gentiles shall say: A ‘Bible! A Bible! We have got a Bible, and there cannot be any more Bible. But thus saith the Lord God! O fools, they shall have a Bible and it shall proceed forth from the Jews, mine ancient covenant people. And what thank they the Jews for the Bible which they receive from them?… Thou fool, that shall say: A Bible, we have got a Bible, and we need no more Bible…Wherefore, because that ye have a Bible ye need not suppose that it contains all my words; neither need ye suppose that I have not caused more to be written.”

The religious climate in which Smith grew up was one of religious strife and confusion. He states that his father “proselytized to the Presbyterians” during young Joseph’s earlier days. Smith relates arguments he had with ministers who doubted the lad’s claims of visions and revelations. No doubt, this colored his thinking to record this passage from  The Book of Mormon:

“… thou seest the foundation of a great and abominable church, which is most abominable above all other churches; for behold, they have taken away from the gospel of the Lamb many parts which are plain and most precious; and also many covenants of the Lord have they taken away…Wherefore, thou seest that after the book hath gone forth through the hands of the great and abominable church, that there are many plain and precious things taken away from the book which is the book of the Lamb of God” (1 Nephi 13:26 and 28).

Smith was writing his “Inspired Translation” at the time he met his fate , but [I cannot resist this thought] his untimely death “robbed the world of the benefit of his scholarship.” The earliest editions of The Book of Mormon required extensive editing to cull out his spelling and grammar errors. How about these examples for “inspired writing” as cult writer J.K. van Baalen, puts it:

“These our dearly beloved brethren, who have so dearly beloved us.”

And there is this one: “Yea, if my days could have been in them days… but behold, I am consigned that these are my days.”

Here is another example: “And they having been waxed strong in battle, that they might not be destroyed.”  

And finally, “Even until they had arriven to the land of Middoni.”

So, “Is the Bible the Word of God according to Mormonism?” They say so and they even give away copies of the King James Bible freely, but they ignore the teachings of Scripture, relying instead upon Joseph Smith and the other so-called authorities they have introduced.

The inexcusable treachery of giving away copies of the beloved King James Bible while impugning the “great abominable church,” as having corrupted it seems to escape most people, perhaps even LDS itself! 


Mormons believe the fall of man was a fall upward. They teach that God was once Adam and that Eve, his wife obtained access to the Tree of Life, thus introducing them to godhood. Adam became God. A favorite saying among Mormons is: “As man now is, so God once was… As God now is, so man may become.”

Physical baptism by immersion is absolutely necessary for salvation. And citing I Co. 15:29, they defend baptism for the dead as allowing those who have left this life to be baptized by proxy. This explains the strange appetite Mormons have for family genealogies. They are trying to save their entire family tree by being “baptized” for them! On this point we would do well to heed Paul’s words in I Timothy 1:4:

Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith…”

Sandra Tanner, wife of the late Jerald Tanner, both lifetime authorities on Mormonism and scholars of the “Utah Lighthouse Ministry” in Salt Lake City, has pointed out the complicated gradation of all after death, who, according to the Mormons, will mostly be relieved of perdition. It is clear that Mormonism associates the doctrine of hell mostly with the “great abominable church” (The Book of Mormon catch phrase for us).

In 1984 Ed Decker and Dave Hunt released a book entitled “The God Makers,” in which they prove that Mormonism is really about men and women becoming gods and goddesses, the latter being eternally pregnant so as to people planets throughout the solar system for all eternity. A Christian film by this title is available.  

When the film was released the makers invited Mormon authorities to attend its first showing. Several Mormon attorneys did. They hurriedly left after the showing. The book has never been answered by the Mormon Church. 

Any idea of salvation based upon the person and work of Christ is totally denied, warped or undermined by the Mormons though they seek to use Christian terminology.

Walter R. Martin’s brief summary of Mormonism’s requirements for salvation reveals that justification by faith and redemption solely by grace through faith in Christ is totally foreign to Mormons:

The Mormon doctrine of salvation involves not only faith in Christ, but baptism by immersion, obedience to the teaching of the Mormon church, good works, and ‘keeping the commandments of God (which) will cleanse away the stain of sin’ (Journal of Discourses, Vol. 2:4 by Brigham Young). [K-29, 190].

For all its supposed presentation of Jesus Christ, the LDS most assuredly does not present the finished work of Christ as the sole means of salvation from sin and entrance into heaven.


These youths are entirely supported by their families for one year of what they call missionary service away from their homes. They are referred to as “elders,” though they are very young men, about twenty years old. 

They distribute Books of Mormon, seek to explain Mormonism and are under the authority of a nearby “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.” Oddly enough, for all their display of Christ in their church name and literature, their doctrines are a treacherous misrepresentation of the simple gospel He preached. 

The clean-cut appearance, the sense of mission, the self-sacrifice, the wholesome demeanor all combine to impress the world around them that their religion must be valid.

Underneath this façade is an agenda that includes deception in word and deed. Some years ago, my sister-in-law, herself a Bible school graduate, reported that two of the young Mormon men came to their Bible study and prayed during their prayer meeting. “They were very nice about it,” she told me.

A few years ago two of them came to our door at our church in Jonesville, where they have a building on the northeast side of town. They came in the afternoon and announced to me, “We will be coming to your prayer meeting tonight.” I politely told them, “No, you won’t!” 

When the surprised youths asked me why not I pointed out to them what they had in their hands. One held up his arm and said, “ A Bible.” And I replied, “And what else is in your hand?” He sheepishly replied “A Book of Mormon.”

I went over to the Mormon church after our service that night and talked to the head fellow who had a few years before sought baptism from my predecessor at our church and whom I had met in my door-to-door calling. I explained why I ordered the boys not to attend. It happened that we were listening to an audio tape of Sandra Tanner. I knew they would create a scene. I handed my copy of Mrs. Tanner’s refutation of Mormonism to the startled Mormon leader and asked him to play it. Later, on the street, that same evening, I found the youths , going door-to-door and witnessed to them again. A few days later my tape came back in the mail with no explanation attached. 

The youths are considered successful if they bring one person each into the Mormon fold in a year of service. We could learn from their zeal and I have told them to that effect. Nevertheless, no amount of zeal will turn error into truth!


The short answer is, “No, it is not.” According to The Book of Mormon great civilizations in South, Central and North America existed as early as the time of the Tower of Babel.  

 As we have mentioned, the first was supposedly founded about 2,250 B.C. as an off-shoot from the Tower of Babel by a group that ended up in Central America. Another group was supposedly Jews coming to South America by way of the Pacific Ocean about 600 B.C. Warfare took place among them called variously Jaredites, Nephites, and the evil ones, the Lamanites.

The Book of Mormon  is supposedly a condensation of these histories and is reported to have been written by a prophet named Mormon with an abridgement made of this period of history by Moroni, son of Mormon.

Note this summary statement from renowned cult expert, the late Walter R. Martin: “The Mormon’s record claims that Christ visited the American continent, revealed Himself to the Nephites, preached to them the Gospel, instituted baptism, the communion service, the priesthood and other mystical ceremonies” [K-29, 157].

The world received this vast history, we are told after Moroni buried three sets of brass plates in the ground at the site of the last great battle of these civilizations, near what is now Palmyra, New York in the Hill Cumorah. Enter one Joseph Smith, Jr. 1400 years later who, armed with the magic spectacles I mentioned earlier, was enabled miraculously to translate them from Reformed Egyptian to English.

Now with all this vast history, great battles and civilized people there must be archaeological evidence everywhere. Right!

On April 10, 1870, Mormon Apostle Orson Pratt made claim that “external evidence” for The Book of Mormon had been found by way of Hebrew characters, with the words of the Ten Commandments “almost verbatim.” This evidence was found buried near a mysterious stone in some mounds near Newark, Ohio. Strangely enough as later more mounds were opened more “evidence” was “found.”

Then stepped in the Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society. It seems when the bottom line was reached one David Wyrick, the reported “finder” of the stones, the writings and other objects became known, it was further investigated and, after his death, a Hebrew Bible was found in his work room. Some metal objects were found there that appeared to be someone’s crudely done practice at forming Hebrew language characters. The final verdict passed along by the Society was that Orson Pratt’s beloved artifacts were forgeries.

Newark, Ohio, being my hometown, and some of those mounds being my romping ground in youth, I have heard many stories about the “mound-builders.” No one has ever known who they were. It is a secret of antiquity.  

Jared and Sandra Tanner wrote the book Archaeology of the Book of Mormon in 1969. It has been updated during the past few years. The purpose of its writing was to examine the various claims by the LDS Church that there were many archaeological remains in the Americas to substantiate the claims that ancient civilizations such as are described in The Book of Mormon existed in this part of the world.

Years ago and even today claims are made that “archaeology proves The Book of Mormon correct.” One by one the Tanners address such claims in their book. As one reads the book and its exhaustive documentation it is clear that no solid evidence for the historicity of The Book of Mormon has been unearthed.

One of the last things in the book explains that the Department of Archaeology at Brigham Young University is not undertaking studies to prove the claims of The Book of Mormon. One or two professors have done some private studies but not the university itself. 

 The LDS Church of Utah is a powerful religious movement. Its carefully crafted image of “Mr. Clean” and its square-jawed commitment to family values make it very attractive in our day when American culture has declined drastically both financially and socially. If there were any way to “prove” the truths of The Book of Mormon such proof would have been plastered in print, in pictures and in politics long ago. 


It would take a paper the size of a substantial phone book to deal with Mormonism to the full extent. Even then, The wealth of information available on the LDS Church would be a task far beyond the goals of any average pastor or serious Bible student. Let it suffice to offer the following bits of information to round out this brief study.

We have already pointed out that Mormonism effectively does away with the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Bible Christian knows it. The original sin of Adam took our Saviour to the Cross to effect forgiveness to all mankind. Mormonism teaches that the fall of man was a plus in the economy of eternity because it opened the way for man to become God and to populate the universe with his descendants. This alone is a blatant denial of the truths of Scripture. 

Paul said in our text in Galatians 1:8 that if even an angel appeared and preached another gospel than that of Christ he was to be accursed. According to Mormonism that is exactly what Moroni did on the American continents. That simple gospel is defined by the Apostle Paul as one’s faith in Christ’s death, burial and resurrection, according to the Scriptures. That humble, honest faith in the gospel determines one’s destiny (I Corinthians 15:1-4). This biblical faith is falsely misrepresented by the Mormons at every turn. 

If Joseph Smith is correct in his translation of The Book of Mormon then vast chapters of the King James Bible of 1611 A.D. that appear complete in every detail were actually written many centuries earlier and were first written in The Book of Mormon. This so-called “revelation” to Joseph Smith is truly a jumbled mess of misrepresented Bible characters with words put into the mouth of Christ in a context historically before He was even on earth to speak them Himself.[See: K-29, 165-6]

Altogether The Book of Mormon contains at least 25,000 words copied verbatim from the King James Version Bible. When The Book of Mormon character Nephi supposedly brought the brass plates to America the Mormons claim he brought copies of the Hebrew Scriptures with him which would explain quotations in The Book of Mormon from the Old Testament of the Bible. Strangely though, in The Book of Mormon they are identical to the King James Bible, even when translators’ slip-ups occurred and italicized words were inserted by the translators! 

As we have earlier pointed out, this is unassailable evidence for the plain truth: the Bible quotations were copied into the Book of Mormon from the King James Bible first published in 1611. This fact alone demolishes the credibility of The Book of Mormon, since,  it is claimed, its contents pre-date the King James Bible by more than a thousand years!


The most painful error taught by Mormonism must certainly be its doctrine of celestial marriage, its emphasis upon “Temple Marriage” with all its secret trappings and inventions of men leading to the outrageous lie that husbands and wives will inhabit and fill planets far and wide with their descendants forever. By reaching their ultimate goal of attaining godhood, Mormon men and their multiple wives (a doctrine clearly taught by early Mormonism) can do what Adam and Eve did—they can become gods on par with God Himself (whom they deny in the Biblical sense).

Because of Smith’s incessant preoccupation with plural marriage, “sealing wives for all eternity,” and his insatiable lust, I do not believe it is too much to suggest that Mormonism is not only a cult, but a phallic cult, a subject simply too sensitive for this paper.

For those interested in a full expose’ to this wretched lie, I refer you to Ed Decker and Dave Hunt’s book mentioned earlier, The God Makers. Mormonism’s teachings of this doctrine represent the very heart of this devilish system.


So what must we conclude about Mormonism? Is it a refined form of the Christian faith? Does the true faith of Christ date only from my great grandfather’s time? Is the Church of Jesus Christ as you and I know it only the abominable harlot of Revelation as Mormons teach? Are Mormons really the saints of “the Latter Days,” as they claim? 

No, let me tell you the truth in a nutshell. Mormonism is the product of a very wicked man whose unbridled lust for women and power misguided him into establishing a false religion whose claims today are as phony as were his. The robes of respectability surrounding this powerful cult have duped even countless thousands of its own adherents into thinking it is the true Church of Jesus Christ.

Many souls for whom Jesus died are headed for the Hell in which the founder of this evil religion languishes even today. They will someday know that the liar and imposter Joseph Smith Jr. was just playing a grandiose game of “I Got YA” for the enemy of our souls, Satan.

I repeat the Apostle Paul’s words: “…though we or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed” (Galatians 1:8).  Just two verses prior to this verse Paul laments that the Galatian believers had been turned away to “another gospel.” The word “another” represents the Greek word “another of a different kind,” being the word “heteros.” The Mormon error is most certainly “another gospel,” sadly, of a far different kind than presented by our dear Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore: beware of Mormonism!

It is not a pleasant experience as a Bible-preaching minister of the Gospel of Christ to even sort through Mormonism. Dear people, even innocent people, are caught in its web of error in the extreme. To say that its outward appearance is misleading would be an enormous understatement. At its core it is actually in its totality a most tragic lie.

May the Lord help us to be loving to those caught in this awful system of error and to so live and testify as to help them find their way to saving faith in the living Christ, He whose simplicity and beauty and Godhood are so amply taught in the Holy Scriptures, the very ones LDS so sadly misrepresents.

-Pastor Kenneth F. Pierpont, January 2012 All Rights Reserved

Pastor Kenneth F. Pierpont, D.Min.

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