The Daily Walk With Christ’s Cross

Welcome to Footfalls On the Cross Walk, articles of thoughts on the Cross of Christ in the everyday life of the Believer.


A few years ago, God impressed upon me the necessity of getting regular exercise. About the same time, I realized my Christian life was suffering from a dearth of prayer. One morning I decided to begin walking daily. I thought, “I’ll walk and when I finish I’ll go into my church auditorium and have a time of prayer with the Lord.”

As I began my walk, it suddenly dawned upon me to pray as I walked. That first morning my prayer-walk was might short. I was out of shape and couldn’t walk very far. I must confess that after waling only two or three hundred yards, I was tired. But, I stayed with it. Day after day, I increased the distance and expended more time in prayer. The church of which I was pastor was just over a mile from our home in the church’s parsonage. After a few days, I was able to walk to the church and return, praying as I went.

During that first ;year, I found myself concentrating on the speed of my walk, the length of my stride, dressing against gad or threatening weather and the physical side of my walk. I experimented with following different routes as I walked. Some days my walk took me down side roads and into remote places which barely had roads. It was a rural area and often dogs came out to the roadway to examine me or threaten to bite this “intruder.” I decided to stand my ground and, to my surprise, about the only thin that happened was that the dogs followed me, often taking them far from their homes.

One particularly friendly pooch even followed me home” right to the back door. I felt guilty for drawing the neighbors’ dogs so far from home. Nobody ever called or drove by to rebuke me. Either they couldn’t find me or it didn’t matter. I resisted the urge to reward any dogs for their inconvenience in following me. I was sure that would bring other problems.

I have walked here in Jonesville for a little more than two years now. I walk Monday through Saturday, taking the Lord’s day off for rest. Also, my Sunday schedule is more complicated.

When I began walking, I realized that approaching cars posed a danger as their lights didn’t pick me up very well. I was walking early to avoid complicating my work schedule. Often my walk began in full darkness. Other days were foggy or overcast. My presence was difficult for drivers to see with adequate notice. My wife went to work in her sewing room and designed and made a blouse or vest for me to wear. It is large enough to slip over heavy outer clothing but very durable. On both front and back she fashioned crosses made from reflective tape cloth. Passersby yell me the cross is very visible to them as they approach of a morning. Most speak in a positive tome. I must confess, I have wondered if for someone, someday, who is angry at God, my crosses might be thought of as a target. I hope not.
As I walked daily with the cross portrayed on both my chest and back, I thought of the symbolism of bearing the cross. For the Christian, bearing the cross of Christ is a daily marching order. Jesus said, “And anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14:27)

There has been an evolution of thought in my life as to this daily literal, visible bearing of Christ’s cross. At first, as I walked, I must confess to a certain amount of pride. “I’m doing something unusual.” Slowly, however, my thoughts began to change as I thought of my own sins and shortcomings. My first thoughts of pride worked their way to feleings of unworthiness, even shame. Noe, when I pull my “cross blouse” over my shoulders I feel most unworthy to bear
Christ’s cross. Nevertheless, now I feel I must. What started as a practical thing has taken on a distinctly spiritual mode. I now bear it because I believe it is a way to lift up Christ. Suddenly, on day, I realized that lifting the cross of Christ is every Christian’s job. We can’t all walk through the streets of a morning. But, every believer is ordered by Christ to be His cross bearer. I want so very much to be a better bearer of my Lord’s cross. If you are a believer, I hope that is how you feel too.

Next, we’ll talk about the Cross and the Electric Chair. Until then, let’s cherish the Old Rugged Cross.

Here is today’s Cross-Walk passage from God’s Word: Hebrews 12:1-3