Tip #1- Tire Pressure

Tip #1- Tire Pressure

You can be sure fuel prices will never be a real bargain again such as we have known here in America for the past many years. Oil rich countries will see to that. Therefore, we need to be wise stewards of the use of our vehicles.

Let me give you a tip on what I have done to add a touch of economy to my fuel usage. The discount houses such as Wal Mart and Meijer, carry small air compressors for inflating tires. A fairly nice one costs about $18.00. I bought one and have put it to good use.

About every six to eight weeks, I attach it to the cigar lighter in the car and use it to adjust the air in the car tires. It comes equipped with a built in gauge that allows it to shut down when the compressor has inflated to the level you desire.

You can use your auto manual to look up the recommended tire pressure for your tires. If that doesn’t work, call a tire shop indicating the size of your tires (printed on the tire wall) and they will give you a recommended pressure for setting the gauge on your tire compressor. I usually set mine a pound or two higher to allow for any air that escapes when you disconnect the inflation head from your tire. ( Typical tire size: P 205-75-15.)

Any tire shop can verify that a contributing factor to poor gasoline mileage is under-inflated tires. Also, the tires themselves wear out more quickly when under-inflated. If you do your homework here, you can save the price of the inflation compressor in a year or less. Not only that, but the compressor has a build-in trouble light you are sure to need sometime. Don’t spend when you can save!


  1. Saturday morning I will check my air pressure, tidy the cars for the Lord’s Day, enjoy the OSU vs. UofM classic, and then shine shoes and look over my message for Sunday.

    The apple really never falls far from the tree, does it? Love you, Dad. Looking forward to your next post.

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