Tip #5 – Driving on Ice and Snow

You have probably seen television pictures of what happens to some drivers at the first snow of the season. Often these pictures will be of incidents and accidents in southerly areas where drivers seldom experience ice and snow driving.

The other day I saw one such picture. A mid-size car was shown, driving at a high rate of speed, and just going into a full spin-around. The car went in a full 360 -degree spin and more. Meanwhile, a huge semi-truck rig passed the spinning car, also at high speed. Thankfully- no crash!

Some years ago, I had just left my place of employment and was driving slowly and as carefully as I could over a very slippery and snow-covered roadway, a freeway, north to my home. Suddenly, as though out of nowhere, a young man, a work companion of mine, blew by me in his late model car like I was stopped.

At that point, we were approaching a curve. The turn at this curve is to the left, about forty degrees. The young man who passed me was almost on the turn when I saw his brake lights come on. At that moment his car went into a skid as he fought the wheel to make the car turn left. In moments he spun around backward and went into the right side guardrail with a mighty crash. He was okay but his dignity and his car were much the worse for wear!

Here are the four rules I practice on ice and snow:
Rule #1: Drive no more than 2/3 as fast as you are sure it is safe to drive.
Rule #2: Drive without using the brake pedal.
Rule #3: Drive without using the accelerator.
Rule #4: Drive without turning the steering wheel.

You say, “That is silly, you couldn’t make any time at all driving like that!”

What I mean, of course, with my four rules, is that every function of normal driving is to be ABSOLUTELY MINIMIZED. And, by the way, you are not driving on ice and snow to make good time. You are driving to keep everybody alive and to get where you are going shiny side up.

Drive Safely.

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