October was a terrible month for American troops in Iraq. 105 of our precious young men and women were killed in the war there.

During the Vietnam War Dover Air Force base in Delaware, was used as the reception point for the bodies of our soldiers and marines killed in action. The flag-draped coffins were respectfully removed from the aircraft that had delivered them. Very often the television news carried these solemn ceremonies.

A young employee at Dover Air Force base took a picture of one of these ceremonies a couple of years ago. She was fired from her job and charged with a crime. The crime? She had “invaded the privacy” of the families grieving over the loss of their loved ones.

Now, well into the fourth year of this war we are being shielded from the sober reality of these many, many combat deaths by law. The reality is, however, that the total casualties have now surpassed 22,000. May God have mercy upon our nation.


  1. Dad,
    Thank you for taking time to post. I was reminded again of my responsibility to pray for our country and our president.
    I miss you.

  2. Mike Arcello says:

    Dear Pastor Pierpont,

    I enjoyed reading your blogs. Under the catagory, What in the World, I do remember offering to you the tip that Hillary Clinton would someday run for the Presidency back in 1998 when Bill was being impeached.

    Alot of time has passed since then and I enjoyed our visits. Remember some of the things we were discussing at the time? I have looked for eight years for the answers to some of my questions and I finally found them. I would be glad to share some of what I have learned if you are interested.


  3. Mike,
    Thank you for your comments on what in the world…
    your friendship probably belong to our son of the same name…. http://kenpierpont.com/

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