WHAT IN THE WORLD “The Essential Element”

I write a little column some of you may see from time to time that I call “Car and Driver Tips.” As a believer, the area of my life in which I have found it difficult to apply what I am talking about today, is in the area of my driving.

Having been in Christian circles every week of my life for the past fifty-two years, I can say that I have seen a lot. On the one hand, I have experienced many kindnesses directed to me over the years– very many. Lots of them, I assure you, have been undeserved by me.

On the other hand, I have known too many Christians who have been on the receiving end of severe unfair play, to say the least. I mentioned driving my car. As with you, probably, I have been on the receiving end of numerous unkind actions while on the road over the years. I ask myself, “How do I respond when someone on the highway is very unkind and thoughtless to me?”

God’s Word is crystal-clear on my responsibility to those roundabout me, regardless of their actions to me. I am to love them. This is the “essential element” of the entire Christian life. Read again, the story in John chapter 13 of Christ’s lesson to His disciples at the table of the “Last Supper.” While His disciples maneuvered among themselves for the choice seats around His table, Christ left the table, took the garb of a lowly slave and with love and tenderness washed the feet of each of them.

Oh, if the essential element of self-less love could be again restored to every Christian church in America, the world would soon see a new and dynamic church in every city and village in our great country and it would make a difference.

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