What In The World

Those were almost my exact words this past Monday morning. “What in the world?” We were making our way to the Grand Rapids area for the Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches Annual Conference.

‘About thirty-five miles short of our destination on U.S. route 131, suddenly the steering on our Buick stiffened in my hands. At 64 mile an hour it was a nasty surprise. A moment later the charging system warning light came on and stayed on.

My mind raced through the probable causes of these problems– “Looks like Ive lost the serpentine belt powering theseâ€, At that moment the temperature warning light came on and stayed on about two minutes. “Uh, oh! Ive lost the water pump action.” Next the “check engine” light!

Taking stock of our situation Jane and I ran through our minds whats in that area to help us. We pastored in that area many years ago and it is still pretty rural. We opted to move on north.

Eventually we made it to the GM dealer in Wayland. And, there in the waiting lobby was a dear young woman Jane and I witnessed to for an hour. God is working in her life as we speak.

We were on our way in a few hours and with thanksgiving our dear Lord worked it all out for His glory.


  1. Dad,
    I enjoyed reading your posts. Keep writing. I will put you in my links and be watching for more. I miss you. I hope you and mom can come for a couple of days and walk with me. It is a neat place.

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